Wednesday, September 19, 2007

RFE TR #31

Total Miles Trained For Elijah: 234 (less than 400 to go!)

My sore ankle/foot/toes/leg was doing A-OK (knock on wood) by Monday, my rest day. Well, throughout the day, I realized that I now had a sore left hamstring. It's always something! That night I realized that it was painful to stand, roll over in bed, etc. It was definitely talking to me. So I decided to rest yesterday. By last night and this morning, it was feeling almost like new. So I set out for my 4-mile tempo run. I did well through mile 1 (10:49 - right on target). I could feel it as I finished that mile. So I walked. Then I set out for mile 2, taking it easy. Well, I did that mile in 9:51 -- crazy! I planned to stop then, but then I realized that I still had to get home, so I'd just run the last mile easily. That one turned out to be 10:19, to my surprise.

So I have stretched like crazy and have gotten some relief. I'll continue to monitor the hamstring... I have to be smart about this so as to not sideline myself! Rest is better than a "no running" order. Hands down!

Elijah has been hospitalized. He was dehydrated and seems to be doing much better. Check out his website.


peter said...

When I had hamstring issues last year, I made a permanent close association with forward folds in yoga. I started back up in yoga last night after half a year off. it felt so good.

I'm glad Elijah is doing better. Such a trooper!

nylisa said...

Feel better! You and Elijah!

CewTwo said...

Take care of yourself! You8 and the cause that you are running for is very noble.

MarathonChris said...

You are doing the right thing with that hamstring (speaking from recent experience). Just be sure to start out slow. Icy Hot worked pretty well for me.

I have been getting the updates on Elijah and am glad he has been responding well to the treatments in the hospital. His yellow band goes with me on every run!