Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Moving Forward

First the good news: our carpet was not harmed due to the water leak. The carpet pad, thankfully, soaked it all up. And the particle board beneath is ruined. And it smells badly in there! Overall, though, this will be a fairly economical fix. Thank goodness. The plumber came out and did his thing on Monday. Now we are left with a stinky room that is drying and a hole in the wall. We're fortunate to have a guest room to move to.

Today I decided to go ahead and get a new pair of running shoes before my current ones have gone kaput. They have about 256 miles on them, only, and are still in plenty good shape for hiking, camping, etc. And I am happy to report that those 256 miles DID NOT leave them looking like they belonged to a heel striker like me! That is improvement.

I was excited to see Lou at The Easy Runner. Lou, as you may recall, was my pace group leader at the Little Rock Marathon. She will be running in the upcoming Arkansas 20k that I am volunteering at. I told her I'd get her registered and then turn around and cheer for her at the finish line!

I also purchased more Hammer Gel AND a "blinky light." Safety first - and better late than never.

I am unsure as to whether or not I will try to run in the morning. I am leery of my hamstring. I certainly do not want to overdo it. It feels OK right now, but it also did this morning before I got going. I think it needs a rest.

Next week is the start of Fit Camp, a program I participated in last year, also. It's basically a twice-per-week group training session that lasts for five weeks (so ten sessions). Body fat will be reduced!


Maddy said...

I love the color of your bedroom! It looks really calming. I'm glad your carpet is not ruined - So that's what the pad is for...

Should be an easy fix.

Have you tried a foam roller for your hamstring? It worked wonders for me! I hope you heal quickly. Take it easy in the meantime.

peter said...

Hole in the wall! Damp padding! Water on the floor! Crumbling wallboard! Time to go out for a run.

Nicole said...

I hope your hamstring feels better! Hopefully, it doesn't take you away from running for too long.

IrishBlue said...

Sorry to hear about the water damage.

Boot camp sounds interesting. I want to hear stories.