Sunday, October 07, 2007

Peas, anyone?

Good news! On Friday night Chasen wrapped my ankle/foot with an Ace bandage. By Saturday morning (and steady Ibuprofen) it had gone down quite a bit... to where you'd think it normal without really looking at it. On Saturday it was either wrapped or iced (with a bag of peas!) for most of the day (and again, the Ibuprofen). When I woke up today it was ALMOST normal looking. There is minimal swelling. I have iced it, elevated it and will soon wrap it. It feels a little bit weird, so I don't think I will run in the morning. I want to feel 100% (or darn close to it) before I run. So I have high hopes for Wednesday!

THANK YOU for all of your well wishes and advice. I am focusing on the big picture (St. Jude Marathon) and NOT letting myself get down in the dumps about being temporarily sidelined. The rest has probably done me a world of good, and not just my ankle!


lizzie lee said...

Oh Susan, take care of your foot.
About being strong, I don't know. Every time I ran yesterday by a window and I saw myself reflected running so slow and with that much pain, I asked, why am I doing this? I kept going, and completed the 18-miler, but couldn't answer my question.

take care of your ankle.

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, your ankle reminded me of mine after the LRM! Yes, RICE is the answer. A month after LRM I was able to run another marathon. I actually didn't run that much in between for fear of aggravating my injury but did cross-train to maintain my fitness level. You're doing right by keeping your eye on the big picture. Keep up that great attitude!!