Friday, October 05, 2007

Trying To See The Positive

Oh me... oh my...

So here is the scoop. As you know, after moving my foot in a weird way on 9/15, I had a bit of odd ankle pain. Then after I ran 15 miles on 9/16, I iced it and all was well with the world. I don't know exactly at what point the pain returned. I can't recall if I had it at the start of last week's 12-miler or not. I know that it was mildly painful as I started my 6-miler yesterday, but then the pain went away as I started to run.

Just to interject, I had an "overuse injury" in 2005 that was just that way: pain until I ran for a little bit. Once properly diagnosed, it was termed "overuse injury."

So this odd little pain has been plaguing me for a little bit, but at no real penalty. WELL, today as I was exiting lunch with a friend, I thought I noticed my right foot moving completely differently than my left foot. The left foot walks forward, as most feet do. The right, I thought, bowed out to the right and then 'finished' the step by angling in sharply to the left. Or so I thought while crossing the street.

Incidentally, when getting analyzed for new shoes last, the gentleman told me that my right foot does act differently from the left -- so the previous paragraph may mean nothing.

Alas, I came back to work and asked my runner coworker to watch me walk to see if my feet were acting oddly. He had me do different step combinations and all and then said "Susan, I think your right ankle is swollen like a plum!" I looked down and gasped! Then he said "I think you need to take a week off - and ice that thing!" I again gasped. A WEEK OFF!?!

He went on to say that if I run 17 miles tomorrow, I might not be able to run 17 steps afterwards... and I could easily mess myself up for MONTHS. Well I don't have months. I have 56 days until the St. Jude Marathon. WHAT TO DO?

I do not think a doctor's visit is the answer; I'm confident Dr. B will just say to ice it and rest.


Update: Coach Terry has given me words of wisdom and we have a plan. For starters, obviously, no 17-miler tomorrow. RICE. If I have to miss the Fdip Worldwide Half Marathon, that will not be the end of the world, although I'll be bummed. Missing the St. Jude Marathon, however, would be. So I have to be smart about this!


Susan K. said...

holy cow, Susan!! Your ankle looks horrible, how could you not see that?

Yes, rice it! Girl! You need somebody to mother hen you I see!! lol

A BIG way to go! on all those donations you have gotten. You are so inspiring in so many ways.

Dawn said...

good gravy!!!!!! I am so sorry!! I hope it gets much better super fast! I know you will miss your runs!
prayers for speedy recovery!

Petraruns said...

OH Susan honey! Poor you! That's one ENORMOUS ankle? LIsten - don't stress out. This is the first year of marathon training that I've not had to take a week off running (and we're not there yet) and I've always managed. YOu have so many points in the bank and miles under your belt (and money raised!) so give yourself a break. Take a few days off, RICE, and take it as an opportunity to rest up. It'll do you good. And don't put off going to the doctor / osteopath / physio for too long if there is no improvement...

Maddy said...

I haven't seen an ankle like that since I was nine months pregnant in the heat of a Florida August!

I would be taking it way easy this next week. I agree with Petra, you have points in the bank. Go ahead and take a rest withdrawal.

My Chiropractor, who has run many a marathon would say, you're not going to forget how to run.

If the swelling is still present Monday AM, time to call the doc!

Arland said...

RICE RICE and more some of the others have said, if it doesn't get better by first of the week you may want to see a doc. It won't hurt to miss that long run tomorrow, you still have plenty of time. Hope it gets well soon!

Katie said...

Oh no!!! Take it easy and get better!