Tuesday, October 16, 2007

RFE TR #38

Total Miles Trained For Elijah: 296.1

Ask and you shall receive! I have received numerous leads on the *perfect* yellow running shirt. Thanks, everyone! You rock! My local running store will have their final supply tomorrow... so if they don't have what I am looking for I now know where to go online.

Now to today's run. Some days would be better spent sleeping in. Today was one of those days. I was to do 8 miles at 12:00 - 12:15 pace. Well, it was chilly, muggy (yes, both chilly and muggy) and extremely foggy. And I just didn't have it in me today. I was running so slowly that I had to cut the run short to only 7 miles, otherwise I would have been late to work. Here are my sad splits: 12:13, 13:18, 13:06, 13:31, 13:33, 12:30, 12:19. And, I felt ankle discomfort with EVERY STEP. Not my day. Some days just aren't.

My hamstring felt fine, though, even though it was sore as of Sunday and Monday. I know that Thursday's run will go better!


PLANET3RRY said...

You made the best out of the situation and I see that you had pairs of consistent mileage, which is a good thing even if you didn't hit the pace you wanted.

MarathonChris said...

Way to hang tough - they all can't be good days. Take it easy with the ankle. Glad the hammy felt ok.

Arland said...

When its 100% humidity everyone is going to run slower, if not they will have to expand a lot more effort for the same pace. I know the higher the humidity the harder it is for me, its like breathing smoke. Good job on making the best out of it.