Sunday, November 11, 2007

RFE TR #47

Total Miles Trained For Elijah: 392.6

Even though I had a GREAT run on Wednesday morning, I managed to start feeling ill again, as in another head cold. GREAT... I started taking Airborne that evening. I must say - those magical seltzer-like tablets prevented the headcold from getting any worse. My friend Melissa told me about it -- thanks, girlfriend! Nonetheless, I did go through the rest of the week feeling under the weather, so I opted out of the end-of-the-week run. I wanted to get as strong as possible for the 15-miler. On Friday the opportunity to do it NOT ALONE came my way, and I was thankful for that. My friend Kathryn (who will do 50 miles on her 50th birthday) needed to do 30... so I was a good candidate to do the last half with her.

Here I am at work on Friday sporting my Friday-before-the-marathon shirt -- just 3 weeks early!

Kathryn sent me a text message at 5:45 AM on Saturday that she wouldn't be able to do the 15 with me. Rats! I decided to sleep a little more since we weren't planning to meet until after 10 AM anyway. Chasen had to go into work, so I really had the whole day to myself. I decided to put off the 15-miler until Sunday when he'd be around. So I spent 3+ hours cleaning the house. Part of that was arranging this "Runner's Bouquet" for the breakfast table. Ha ha ha!

Sunday morning came and, as usual, I was not into the idea of running 15 miles. I really have been struggling lately; this is not news. At 2:21, though, I hit the start button. I intended to run out 7.5 miles and then run home. Once I got going, I felt great. I even called Chasen at the halfway point and told him to write down my time -- I intended to do a negative split!

Well, before I even got to mile 9 it was getting REALLY DARK. I know, I know... I run in the darkness of the morning all the time. But having dusk sneak up on me was NOT fun. I had neither my head lamp or my blinky light with me. I felt like a target out there. I made it to mile 10 and refilled my water bottle at a gas station. The girl said "Are you running out there?" in disbelief. Yes, sadly, I was. It was DARK. And I was 5 miles from home. And Chasen had gone to turn in a homework assignment 45 minutes from our house. Yikes! So I pushed forward to mile 11 where I stopped at a well-lit dairy bar. I filled my water again and decided I HAD to get home. But I really, really felt unsafe. It was so dark and there was little to no shoulder on the road (which isn't nearly as big a deal in daylight when people can see me). I am a tough cookie, but I DO NOT have a death wish! So I called Chasen. He was halfway home. I finally parked it in front of a water tower. Soon he arrived.

Mind you, I was really, really sore by this point. We went home and I got my blinky light and a head lamp and headed out to try to do the last 4 miles. I made it 2.5 more miles and honestly couldn't go any further. I wanted to, but my body would not let me. I did 13.5 miles. I called Chasen from the church parking lot and asked him to come and drive me up the hill to home. He massaged my poor ole legs and exclaimed that they were WAY TIGHT. Woe is me. I felt like a big loser who couldn't do the miles. I wondered how on earth I'd ever do the whole dang marathon. Again.

He encouraged me to go and get a shower and I'd feel much better. While in the shower I had a breakdown; one that eventually led to tears, I am a bit embarrassed to say. I told him (he was standing right outside by the sink) that I felt like I couldn't do anything right. He reassured me that I could, and that -- my goodness -- I had been under the weather all week and had a sore foot (two sore feet, actually, but that's a whole new thing that dear Shirley is helping me cope with). I did FINE, he said, because 13.5 is nothing to scoff at. I told him it was not 26.2 and how on earth would I do it? He reassured me that I had all of the same feelings before the LR Marathon and that I would do JUST FINE. I'd just like to say that it is AMAZING to have such a strong supporter in my corner! He sure "put me in my place," in a sweet, reassuring way.

Here are some funny/negative thoughts I had while running:
1. If I ever eat another Power Bar, it will be too soon.
2. I hate all types of Gu's.
3. Sharkies are awful.
4. Sport Beans are tolerable.
5. Why on earth am I doing this again?

Here are my splits: (which were very good, in my book - maybe that's why I was so worn out)
Mile 1: 11:28
Mile 2: 12:39
Mile 3: 12:11
Mile 4: 11:31
Mile 5: 11:37
Mile 6: 11:07
Mile 7: 11:40
Mile 8: 12:26
Mile 9: 11:53
Mile 10: 12:30
Mile 11: 11:52
Mile 12: 12:07
Mile 13: 12:11
Mile 13.5: 6:03
Total: 2:41:21
Average: 11:57 per mile (wow!)

So - less than three weeks until the big day. Oh my! I am ready. I am so ready. I wish it was here already. I really do. I just want to DO IT ALREADY. Chasen said that I felt the same way before Little Rock. Old habits die hard.

Congrats to Coach Terry for an excellent 4:08:53 finish at the Chickamauga Marathon! And happy 46th birthday to Shirley who performed fantastically at the Miami Man Tri! I look forward to both race reports.


Cory said...

There is no reason to feel badly about a mere 13.5 mile run. That is awesome mileage. I like to call that type of run as a character builder. It is the occasional tough run that makes the other runs such a joy.

Katie said...

You are doing so well! It is almost time and you are going to be great in Memphis!

Petraruns said...

Oh Susan - wish I could have joined you for that run. You did great because you know some runs are just AWFUL! And I do think that in the run up to marathons they almost all begin to feel AWFUL. You are going to be absolutely fine in the race. You are! Consider yourself hugged! And yes - all PowerBar etc. stuff is awful. Truly disgusting. I agree.

Susan said...

Thanks you guys! I am now "over it." THANKS!

Maddy said...

All of runs, can't be the best run ever. It takes the difficult ones to make us see the difference.

Chasen is a wonderful supporter! You are extremely lucky!

And you still ran 13.5 miles. It's more than just a half marathon! You're clearing the runs that aren't your favorite out of the way now so you can rock Memphis!

cheryl said...

I know how you feel Susan, but you are going to do it! I just hope I finish the half before you finish the whole!! I'm worried too, but all of your training will pay off, you just wait and see. See you in Stuttgart!

lizzie lee said...

Ok dear. Some words for you. You did really good considering the conditions. First, once you stopped to get your light, is going to make your start more difficult. It is not the same that running continously.

Second, I am going to scold you. Please, don't run in the dark. It's not safe and it's not worthy. 2:21pm is a very good start for summer time, but not for this time of year when at 5.30pm the sun is well gone. Please, consider all the things you run for, and BE SAFE.

lizzie lee

jeanne said...

now that was a GREAT run! running in the dark is fun on a trail, but i can't imagine it on the road. without a shoulder!

and even though i have given up timing my splits, i think you did fantastic! and for what it's worth, i don't think running or not running that last 1.5 miles in a training run is gonna make or break the marathon! but you already know that!

CewTwo said...

Follow your heart. Listen to your body.

I love your blog because of your honesty! I think all of us have similar feelings and experiences and are just not willing to share as much!

ShirleyPerly said...

Susan, thanks for the birthday wishes and shout-out. I'm so sorry to hear you had another tough run but, really, you did just fine to get 13.5 miles in. Remember that less is best when it comes to tapering, esp. while sick or dealing with an injury. You know you are ready, so just work on getting healthy for race day!!

David said...

Hey; you're saving the good runs for when they matter.

You cancelled out all the running food groups except the Clif Shot Bloks. I love the margarita flavor. Cut them in half and carry them in a baggy.

peter said...

I'm sorry you had a tough run but it's great you have s strong supporer in your corner. On bad days you just have to wait for another day.