Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Busy Week

It's a good thing that I got a run in on Sunday, because I have not really had the opportunity to do so since then, until today! On Monday afternoon I had to get a gingival graft, which is performed by a periodontist. (Don't worry, that link is not to to a bunch or gory photos!) I was told that I would be able to eat and drink whatever I wanted and that it would not slow me down, and I wouldn't need to take any of the pain meds. WRONG! Monday evening and night were awful, as was the following morning. I had to skip my personal training session. Tonya understood. By the time I got to work, the pain meds had kicked in, and I had an OK day.

I wanted to go running on Wednesday, but I was just too tired from being up-and-down all night due to mouth issues. And I have developed yet another "winter bug." That is the third time this fall/winter! Sore throat, snotty nose, the whole shebang. Yuck. On the mouth front, though, I am happy to say that I have graduated from a liquid-only diet. I can now eat anything, just in small pieces. :)

So today I made it to the gym well before training time so I could use the dreadmill. I put in 2 miles before Tonya arrived. She immediately told me that if I run before training, my glycogen stores will be worn down and I won't have much energy. Lordy lordy.

She worked me to death today. My upper body is going to ache tomorrow for sure. I think I did every arm exercise known to mankind. That's good, though! That's just what I want -- to be worked to death! :)

She said "After the first of the year, I want you to reduce simple carbs and start eating more greens." I thought "Great -- I get personal training AND nutrition advice. Fabulous!" Then I said "Could you tell my husband that?" She laughed. She then went on to say "And try to eat out less." Mind you, we have not discussed my eating habits at all. I said "You're really going to have to talk to my husband about that." Ha! He'll kill me when he reads this.

After my grueling workout, I did another mile on the dreadmill. I must say, it wasn't awful. Having the TV in front of me helped a bunch. I did three easy miles in preparation for Saturday's 5K trail race. My next post will be about my pitiful trail running experience from the past. :(

On the way to work I stopped for the latest "miracle drug," Zicam. I hope it works!

Please keep Elijah and his family in your thoughts today. He went through a whole slew of tests yesterday to determine if the transplant worked and if he's headed in the right direction. They expect to find out the results today.

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ShirleyPerly said...

Sounds like you're getting your money's worth with Tonya. Will keep my fingers crossed for Elijah!