Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Catching Up

Last night I tried to catch up on my sleep. I have been very sporadic lately, due to mouth pain that keeps me up late, at times... or it might be the caffeine in most of the OTC pain meds I have been taking. Regardless, I have been one tired woman!

I woke before my alarm - which is a good sign. Just 4 minutes early, but still! I was rearing to get to the gym for another personal training session with Tonya. I walked one mile on the treadmill before she arrived. Today was lower body day; I did sweat like crazy. I commented that I was never sore after my very intense upper body workout on Thursday. She said it was because I ran beforehand and depleted my glycogen stores. That went over my head.

Thursday we are going to work at stretching/elongating my hamstrings. Oh my! And I am not aiming to run this week, at least not through the work week.

We have coordinated our "holiday schedule," and I will not miss any sessions over the next two weeks. Hooray!


nylisa said...

Susan, how do you do it!?

You're my inspiration!

Cheryl said...

Glad you got some sleep, keep up the training!

Chief Wahoo said...

Awesome that you are planning your workouts ahead of time right through the holiday season! That's commitment!