Thursday, December 06, 2007

Having Fun

I thought I wouldn't have much to say this month due to NO MARATHON TRAINING. However, life does go on! This morning was session #2 with the personal trainer. She asked me to arrive at least five minutes early to each session to get warmed up. No problem. I did 16 minutes of walking on the treadmill before session #1. Today I did 14 minutes on the elliptical machine. That machine always gets me going. It's a sweaty experience for me! I chose it over the treadmill because my poor toes need as little contact with my shoes as possible. My bad toe is really on the mend. Now my not-so-bad toe is going south. Good thing I am not running!

Tonya (the trainer) made today very runner-friendly. Whereas the first session was a general work-everything-to-some-degree workout to "size me up," today was tapered to my needs, I feel. For example, we discussed my poor toes. Ha! But we altered one exercise to not stress my weaker ankle too much. And we did several things to strengthen and stretch my calves. And we did hip flexor work (mine always ache after a very long run). We did hip work (my right side has been giving me fits after extreme effort). We did core work (by far the most painful - ouch! - I must really need it). It was all just great!

I realized I was sore yesterday when I had to push the soap dispenser in the bathroom at work. Oh those triceps! That literally made me laugh out loud.

I have decided that the gym is a little too far away (between 3 and 4 miles, as it turns out) to run to and fro. That would be a lot of miles for someone who is trying to rest. I'll do my few, remaining miles close to home. Later.

Like Coach Terry, I am trying to decide on a race plan for the coming year. So many choices! I will do some part of the Little Rock Marathon for sure -- either the half or a relay team. It is a GREAT race, and the medals are HUGE. I realized just how wonderful it is once I arrived in Memphis. I didn't know how impressive my hometown race just is!

Have a great day, runners.


Nicole said...

Susan, you are awesome! Congrats on your marathon! I know it was tough going, but you made it though- so much to admire. :)

I hope you're feel better and much less sore.

Maddy said...

I'm impressed you've gotten a trainer! That is so awesome! You are going to have an incredible 2008!

ShirleyPerly said...

Good for you!! Thanks for making me laugh with the soap dispenser story :-)

Kelly said...

Susan, the soap dispenser story was too funny. Also, I am jealous you have personal trainer. Sounds like you are getting a good workout.

I really hope you consider doing the LR half. I would love for us to run together again.