Sunday, December 09, 2007

In The Spirit Now!

At last our Christmas tree is up! Normally we do it right after Thanksgiving, but this year we were deterred by my birthday and races. Two very worthwhile causes, I must say...

I just LOVE our huge tree. It is pre-lit. That makes it much easier to work with. The majority of our ornaments are from our childhoods. That makes putting up the tree pretty special! The angel is from my childhood. She is very, very precious to me.

This photo is a bit deceiving. Believe me... almost every single branch has an ornament on it -- all the way around.

And here is the ornament I bought at the St. Jude expo. Very cool! Next to it is a recent Frank Lloyd Wright purchase.

So now that the tree is up, I am much more in the spirit of things. All things! Not only do I now feel compelled to buy some gifts, but I am reminded that I have a race in six days! Yep - the Jingle Bell 5K. I have not run a step in one week now. I better shake a leg!

We have a big vacation coming up. Us and two other couples will be in Lake Tahoe at the first of the year! What's even better? My college roommate who recently relocated to Northern California has promised to come and visit and asked if we could go running together. Heck yea!

And I am still pondering my plans for 2008. I have come upon another must do race. It's the River Trail 15K on February 16th. Whatever I am training for, surely a 15K would be appropriate in mid-February. This race takes place in North Little Rock, Arkansas. I have completed training runs on the River Trail with Annette & Co. twice now. With the exception of the Big Dam Bridge, it's flat as a pancake.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


Maddy said...

Your tree looks beautiful! I also bought a 26.2 ornament this year! Mine is red.

That 15k sounds like a great race! I love the 15k distance. Almost as much as the half marathon.

Good luck on your 5k next weekend. I'm looking forward to your report already

MarathonChris said...

Wow, you sound large and in charge lady!!! Doesn't that first run feel good? Didn't know you had a 5K run coming up. Have fun with it. What I enjoyed about the Reindeer Run was all the creative costumes - plenty of reindeer antlers. I suppose for yours you should wear jingle bells on your feet!! :-)

The 15K sounds like a great race to shoot for as well.

Katie said...

Very nice!

Dawn said...

Your tree looks lovely!! We are thinking of going the pre-lit route for next year but I am such a fan of the real tree. I think I would miss the real tree smell.

Annette said...

Beautiful tree Susan!!!

the 15K is absolutely a must do race!! of course last year it was freezing cold and we had 40 mile an hour wind gusts the whole last half. Hopefully this year will be better! I don't know if the course will change but the last year the Big Dam Bridge was not included.

PLANET3RRY said...

Your tree is awesome!

CewTwo said...

I am just not much of a holiday type of guy.
My tree is a small one that I unwrap from its trash storage bag, place it on a table and plug it in. After Christmas, I unplug it, put a new storage bag over it and put it away for next year.

Your tree is beautiful, though.

kim said...

Love your tree! It doesn't feel like Christmas at our house because I'm going home to visit my family in Ohio, until the end of the month. So, we have a tree-less house this year!

Merry Christmas!