Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hard At It

Today was a 2-fer. You see, I worked with Tonya this morning on my upper body. Boy oh boy - she really worked me over! I think it would be nice to be a personal trainer and help/see people improve themselves on a daily basis. She has a fitness competition in 8 months and plans to "shape up" and "lose 40 pounds." Whoa - she looks good already, to me. I will watch her transformation with wide eyes!

Tonight I did the garage elliptical for 30 minutes. That's kind of on the low side of my training options... but my legs were letting me know that they weren't used to that machine at all anymore... so I thought it would be OK, just this once, to slack. I had intended to do it for 60 minutes. I will do that next time.

I feel very, very "back in the saddle." I have my group run on Saturday. I have been given the meeting time, meeting place and route. It might be that I don't have a 'running partner' next to me all the time exactly, which is OK -- it might feel more like a race if we're all spread out. I'm sure there will be comfort knowing that I am surrounded (at least in the near vicinity) by others. I can't wait!

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ShirleyPerly said...

I used to have a friend who was a personal trainer and did bodybuilding competitions every year or so. Not sure if that's what Tonya is doing but if so, beware. The low carb diet they do to get really lean looking makes them very cranky!