Sunday, January 06, 2008

Lake Tahoe Recap

Wow - what a ride! The Lake Tahoe vacation has been one adventure after another. Record snow, being the gang's chauffeur, snow skiing for the first time, watching Chasen sled down a hill (I should have joined him), watching Chasen jump from the upper-level hot tub balcony into the mountain of snow below, having our rental car dented by a drunk across the road from our cabin (grrrr!), listening to endless hours of movie-quoting by Chasen and his buds... the list goes on and on! The only thing that did not make the list is running, to my disappointment. But it was just too snowy and I did not want to risk injury all for the sake of being able to say that I ran in California.

Here are a few choice photos.

Here I am conquering the bunny slope!

Crazy Chasen leaping from the second-floor balcony into the person-tall snow below.

Me, preparing our rental car for a trip out.

Typical view driving about town... in low gear.

Our handsome group! L-R: Susan, Chasen, Julie, Nathan, Stephane, Patrick

Chasen, sledding like a champion.

View from our front door - there used to be steps there - ha!

Three warm ladies: Susan, Stephane, Julie

Chasen caught this short clip of me skiing. It looks like I am going super slow - but it felt really fast to me!

Now back to reality. :( We have a LONG day of travel on Monday. Effective Wednesday I am back into marathon training!


Arland said...

Wow, that looks beautiful there but very cold! At least you didn't break your leg skiing!

Chief Wahoo said...

Safe travels!

Sounds like a great vacation!

Marathon Maritza said...

I can't believe you were in Tahoe for the biggest storm in like 2 years!! HA! But it sure is beautiful isn't it? Where did you ski? Heavenly? That was were I skiied for the very first time in my life, just 3 years ago. Glad you had a blast!

And yes, I want some recipes from the crockpot maven, but sadly, I am a vegetarian. So I guess you have to give me some of your vegetable ones! I also haven't found a lot of recipes that include rice so....

Jamie said...

WOW did you pick an interesting time to come to California! Photos are amazing!

Maddy said...

How beautiful! It looks cold too!

Way to go for your first time skiing. It looks like a blast! Safe travels home.

MarathonChris said...

Looks like tons of fun!!!! :-) Plenty of snow to enjoy too.

Hope you had a safe trip home today!

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, that is some snow! Looks like everyone having a blast. Chasen is a mad man!

CewTwo said...

Well... You are braver than am I! I live in Colorado and don't ski! Mostly becuase that sport only happens when it is cold...