Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Probable Peroneal Problem

Armed with my questions, shoes and courage I went to see Dr. C this morning. After a quick exam he took x-rays of my unhappy ankle. The good news, I suppose, is that they were identical to the previous x-rays. I learned online that if the tibia and fibula spread apart too far, they can go in and screw them back together. Ouch!

He suspects a tear or some sort of damage to the peroneal tendon, shown below.

I seem to be a textbook case. Click here for more info.

I'm having an MRI done tomorrow morning for proper diagnosis. From viewing the above-listed link, I seem to be a likely candidate for tendonitis, an acute tear, a degenerative tear or even sublaxation. Who knows! My arch has not gotten any higher, to my knowledge. That is a symptom of most of these problems. He did say we may have to "go in there" and fix it -- oh my!

I am not going to put the cart before the horse... but I do know that this is probably semi-serious at the least. So I am prepared to not run (and he said to lay off immediately). Until the MRI is done and he gets to view it and prepare a treatment plan (which could mean surgery - I'm just saying) I am just going to lay low and focus on everything else in life! No sense getting myself all worked up just yet.

This may be my opportunity to become the queen of cross training.


Arland said...

Susan, hopefully its just tendinitis which is typically a did too much too soon type injury which would make sense after your time off. If it was an old injury you would think the time off would have healed it. Good luck with the MRI, that will tell the tale I suppose. Hope you get nothing but good news back. I am trying to start back slow here which is hard when your used to running 20-30+ miles per week.

Bev said...

I wondered if I had peroneal tendinitis. But luckily the pain has almost gone. Good luck to you. Hopefully the doc can fix you up.

Anonymous said...

I have the tear and am wearing a walking boot to stave off the surgery. Will you keep updating your blog, I'd love to follow your steps (no not literally).