Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy and Busier

It's boot central here, folks. I am loving the boot (as previously stated). Between the boot and the anti-inflammatory (all 4 doses thus far) my ankle looks and feels almost normal. Whoo hoo!

Saturday was the fancy shin dig sponsored by my women's philanthropy group (which, joining was the smartest thing I ever did to meet some nice ladies in my area), so I had to miss pilates class. Instead, I had to help set up a banquet-type room. This is a major fundraiser for the year to fund all of the events put on for the children of my county, so there was a silent auction (many, many items to be set up) and even a live auction. The event was that same night.

Chasen and I, all spiffed up. We're holding some live auction items.

There was a cruise, a painting, a mink vest (I am NOT on the procuring committee!) AND, drumroll please, Schnorkie puppies to be part of the live auction! What is a Schnorkie puppy, you ask? It's a Schnauzer/Yorkie mix. There were two in the basket so that the generous winner could have his/her choice in coloring. I had the awesome job of walking around showing them off before the live auction.

Wearing the boot, pushing the puppies.

Due to the adorable little Schnorkies (3 weeks old and being bottle fed for the evening) hardly anyone asked about the boot. Note to self: carry basket-o-puppies everywhere I go.

And Sunday was Run Club. Only a handful came today, but that is A-OK. Among them was my friend L and her fiance C. They plan to be regulars! Very cool.

Chasen will be traveling this week and I have a very, very busy week planned (it never fails). Everyone always says "Ooooh! What will you do while he's gone?" As if I will get some magical vacation time or something! It's usually more like "Um... blink and then he'll be home."

My friend Coral, a physical therapist, has advised me on some exercises to do while I am healing, in order to keep the ankle from getting too weak and unstable thanks to the magic boot. Among them is writing the alphabet with my foot while lounging on the couch. Recovery is fun!


peter said...

That's so sad to see a runner in a boot! Glad you're positive about your rehabilitation.

ShirleyPerly said...

You look FABULOUS, my dear!! And puppies or not, I think the boot is barely noticeable since it's black and your outfit is too -- great choice. Wonderful to hear your ankle is improving!

cheryl said...

Puppies - everyone loves puppies! You look great!!

I did the same exercises while recovering from my ankle sprain, still do the "O". LOL

nylisa said...

Thanks for your words, Susan. I think this low was due to the high of November. I came crashing back to reality and I really have to get my butt in gear!

By the way, you look great, and the boot even matches! Oh, and I read that drinking pineapple juice is a natural anti-inflammatory drink.

CewTwo said...

Wait! Is that a boot on your foot?

Hehehe... Just kidding! Did you bid on the puppies?

Maddy said...

I thought for sure you would have ended up with a puppy!

You look fantastic and you're healing!

Keep doing the alphabet (is that lower-case or upper-case?)

You'll be healed before you know it!

Annette said...

Susan you both look GREAT... what a beautiful couple!

CewTwo said...

Podcast, please!

Chief Wahoo said...

Glad to hear the ankle is improving! Hopefully one day soon we will all be running again!