Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pork Recipe

This is just a fabulous recipe that has never failed with anyone (who eats meat). It is Chasen's favorite of all my crock pot recipes. It comes from "The Ultimate Slow Cooker Cookbook" by Carol Heding Munson, where you can find tons of amazing crock pot recipes.

Jamaican Jerk Pork

2 cups fat-free beef broth (I have used everything under the sun, including chicken, must most often just use water)
2 teaspoons dried minced onions
1 teaspoon dried thyme
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon powdered ginger
1/4 teaspoon allspice
pinch of ground cloves
1 pound pork tenderloin
3 tablespoons cold water
2 tablespoons cornstarch

Pour the broth (or water) into the crock pot.

In a small bowl, combine all of the "spices," (or dried things, to be more specific). Rub the spice mixture into all sides of the pork (I often just do the top and have had no complaints). Place it in the crock pot.

Cover and cook on LOW until the pork is cooked through and a meat thermometer registers 160 F, 6-8 hours. Let it rest for 10 minutes before serving and slicing. (I have to let it cook 10 hours, due to work and the commute, and it is always perfect.)

Remove to a platter, reserving the broth; keep the pork warm. Pour the broth into a saucepan. (I've done this part maybe once or twice, and it was really good.)

In a small cup whisk together the cold water and cornstarch. Stir into the broth, and cook, stirring, over medium heat until slightly thickened. Slice the pork and serve topped with the thickened broth. (When I did do this gravy step, it was wonderful. Maybe broth would work better than water, in this case.)

Per serving:
224 calories
5.6 grams fat (23% of calories)
0.4 grams fiber


Sunshine said...

Looks like a yummy combination. Wish we all could stop by for dinner!
Happy running!

gabsatrucker said...

Oooh, I love slow cooker recipes (esp. when my dh does the cooking!). We have the Biggest Book of Slow Cooker Recipes by BHG with multiple post-its marking different recipes. My fave so far is the easy cassoulet soup. Makes the house smell yummy (we've got a tiny house so it usually doesn't take long).

Bev said...

Yum yum. I think I'll give that a shot this week. My hubby and little boy will love it.

Maddy said...

It sounds amazing. I love the crockpot. I made crockpot pot roast last Thursday.

I am going to give this one a shot!

Chief Wahoo said...

Thanks for you positive attitude - I am just catching up on your last few posts after being MIA for a few days laying on my couch.

So did you wear the boot out to the event yesterday?

gabsatrucker said...

Thanks for the compliment! Yes, I'm still going to run the LR 1/2 marathon. getting nervous, the 15k was a combo of a trial run for a longer race and my scheduled long run.