Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Coach Susan

I have just returned from another great session with Tonya the Trainer. I really, really like having a personal trainer.

Tonya has asked me to help her with a running club she is starting! I will be a coach! Well, sort of. She is inviting people from the gym and her Fit Camp programs, plus everyone else she knows. We'll meet on Sunday afternoons at a high school track. She suggested having them walk 5 minutes and run 3 minutes. I objected. I said for beginners (which is what I assume the majority of these people, mostly ladies, will be) I suggested walking 4 minutes and trying to run for 1 minute -- at least in the beginning. What do you folks think?

After my 10 mile bike ride and painting our home office, my ankle was pretty sore. I 100% attribute the soreness to the painting -- the stooping down to get the baseboards and the up, down, up, down on the ladder. Oh well - it is done and beautiful! I'll post before and after photos when I get everything just the way I want it. The office beautification project has been a long time coming!


peter said...

Coach Susan! Has a nice ring.

I think people need to push themselve a leetle bit. More minutes running at a slower pace, then up the pace a little in subsequent meet-ups. My 2c

PLANET3RRY said...

MY BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL Butterfly has sprung her wings... *sniff* life is good.

Annette said...

When Arland and I first started we would run 1 minute walk 1 minute. The program progressed to 2 and 1's and then 3 and 1's etc. but I think I pretty much went my own way after the second week.

MarathonChris said...

I am with Annette. I started running 30 sec and walking 30 sec - but you can start with running 1 min and walking 1 minute. If they aren't ready to run after the 1 min walking break, let them keep running.

After 1-1's then try 2 min run and 1 min walk and work up from there.

I remember it taking me a few weeks before I could run 4 min non-stop.

ShirleyPerly said...

I think it depends a lot on the fitness levels of the folks she's inviting and their personalities. Folks who are in relatively good shape already or enjoy being challenged can probably start out with either what you or Tonya proposed. But for real beginners who've not done much physical activity at all recently or are easily discouraged, a 1-1 mix may be more appropriate.

Chief Wahoo said...

I think it is better to start slow. You have to push yourself to become more fit but I think too oftne people start off faster than they should and hurt themselves or get really sore and get discouraged and quit.