Friday, February 22, 2008


As I was driving to work this morning, I listened to a new podcast, Running Ramblings. And I started wondering which non-running/fitness-related podcasts everyone else listens to. So -- chime in -- what are your favorite non-running shows? I now subscribe to 25 podcasts... some one which only update once in a blue moon. Only three are non-running related: This American Life, Wait Wait Don't Tell Me (which is hosted by a runner, in fact) and 2 Guys 1 Brain. If I only have time for one of these, I choose 2g1b -- hands down. Those two are hilarious.

The walking boot is my friend. I feel very "protected" while wearing it. Maybe it's just mental, but I have not felt any pain in my foot since getting it. I told my friend at work that I might wear it forever! Ha. And, after one anti-inflammatory pill, I swear my foot has gone down a bit. That is NOT mental -- the eyes do not lie. I attribute this to the boot, not the pill (surely one can't do magic just yet). The only downfall of the boot is that my left foot now gets tired when I have to stand for a long period of time, because I put all of my weight on it. And in the spirit of making lemonade... this boot is FAR FAR BETTER than crutches, in my opinion (from my memory of using them back in college).

I have to go to a fancy affair tomorrow night. I planned to forego the boot. I have decided I just might be bold and wear it! Of course, I'd have to answer all night long "What happened to your foot?" Ick. I will ponder this further.

And in another completely off-the-wall topic, I have finally figured out why I am growing out my hair with reckless abandon at this time.


CewTwo said...

I agree with 2 Guys 1 Brain! I really do love that podcast. It is the first podcast I ever heard and I have stuck with it. I read the article on zero gravity running by Peter Sagal in the most recent Runners World. I also listen to the Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me podcast! Funny show!
I listen to the NPR Car Guys as well as The Prairie Home Companion.
I also like old time radio podcast. My favorites are Fibber McGee and Molly and the Great Gildersleeve.
Sports? Phedippidations and Another Runner. I listen occasionally to the Dump Runners Club.
OK... I'm off to listen to #277 of 2G1B!!

Thanks for the really fun subject!

And... Wear the boot tonight! Play up the sympathy factor! Handsome young men would be chasing down drinks for you and making Chasen jealous!

Did I tell you that I got a Wii console? (I'm sore!)

Susan K. said...

Susan, I'm glad the doctor put you on anti-inflammatory drugs. As you can see--they really help!

You will hang in there and be the best you can be, I just know it.

I'm still podcast-challenged because of my dinosaur of a computer! But I love those NPR and PRI shows you mentioned. :)

Arland said...

Well I haven't upgraded yet to podcasts,guess I'm getting behind. Need to use my ipod more anyway so maybe I'll download some.

ShirleyPerly said...

Sorry, I don't listen to podcasts often so no suggestions there. But I do think you ought to wear the boot. I bet you will impress a lot of folks with your courage and self-discipline. Most of all, you will not aggravate your injury.

gabsatrucker said...

I think you should do a podcast even if it's non-running related. As far as other non-sports podcasts, I second the NPR Car Talk. If you like rock music Sound Opinions usually has great interviews and reviews (Anthony Bourdain was a recent guest).

For sci-fi and horror short stories I love Escape Pod and Pseudo Pod. Other sci-fi news comes from Slice of Scifi/Dragon Page. The Rev up Review by Paul S. Jenkins is also a fave of mine. Better Late than Never by MA in PA is decent, she frequently reviews a lot of 80's movies. (umm, I think I may have revealed that I'm a geek at heart!)

I also subscribe to a couple of trucker podcasts, 1 punk music podcast (Punky radio--lots of adult language on this one so best avoided at work or if you're easily offended), 2 industrial music podcasts, one 80's hair band podcast interviewer (Cara's Basement) and whatever podcast fiction that happens to catch my interest (again, heavy on the sci-fi).

cheryl said...

I'm with Arland, I haven't gotten into the Podcast world yet. Not sure I actually know how. I'm pretty certain you use your iPod and download, but do you subscribe or buy the podcasts? How does that work?

D. Matt Duncan said...


I am so suprised you got hurt. That makes me very sad. You worked so hard and you were safe. I am sure you will make a complete recovery. Jessica and will pray for you. We had a hard time training since we came to Alaska but we have been hitting it hard since Christmas and Jessica is talking triathalon. I will be starting a new job in two weeks and hopefully by summer 2009 I will be buying a house up here. Then we will be expecting a visit for the Midnight Sun Marathon.

talk to you soon,
D. Matt Duncan

Jodi said...

I really like The Dave Ramsey Show, and I listen to podcasts from like The Daily Breakfast.