Thursday, March 06, 2008

Pro-Boot = Non-Fashionista

at work in DA BOOT

We expect more snow in Arkansas tonight and tomorrow. Good thing I had my session with Tonya this morning!

The "white" band you see above DA BOOT is actually an Ace bandage. You see, DA BOOT rubs me the wrong way (literally) so I have to take a precaution against that. I figure it won't draw any more attention against the background of black tights than DA BOOT itself. Actually, DA BOOT gives me an excuse to make every fashion faux pas known to womankind. That's kind of fun!

My ankle has been looking pretty normal when I get out of bed each day! It swells a bit by nighttime... but I am just happy about the temporary slenderness of it. That is progress.


Maddy said...

Cute as a button as always!

What the picture is missing is what you're wearing on your other foot. I would think that could be a challenge so you're not lop-sided.

And withthe weather (and tights) I would assume flip flops are out.

Susan K. said...

You are looking fabulous!! even with Da boot!

Arland said...

Hang in there Susan. You will be back in no time. Keep that positive attitude!

Petraruns said...

Da boot is still cool and it's helping! So that's great - and I think you manage to look pretty funky despite the challenges posed by Da boot - you architects are a cool bunch..

Bev said...

Classy black. Got to love it. The snow totally missed us. My son was so disappointed. How is it stacking up there?

kim said...

You really know how to work that boot into your daily attire!! Mine really never went well w/my BDU's!!!

How's the Pilates going? Any swimming yet??

ShirleyPerly said...

I don't need DA BOOT to make fashion faux pas :-) I think you look great!