Friday, March 07, 2008


work day - should be a snow day!

This amount of snow is usually cause to stay home -- unless you work for Mr. 4x4 like I do, who reminded me that I drove through much worse in Lake Tahoe. Well, sir, in Tahoe all of the other drivers were prepared for such, and in Tahoe the snow is DRY. Here is it wet and slick on the roads! I'll be fine, though, I was reminded, in my all-wheel-drive Mazda.


CewTwo said...

Geez... A blizzard at Christmas last year and I still made it to work.

Are you sure that is snow? There is so little of it! Maybe the trees had dandruff!

Just kiddin'! But I am sutre you made it to work and (checking the watch) home again!


Jade Lady said...

The thing also have to always watch out for everyone else on the road who aren't big into driving in the snow (like me !).

Susan K. said...

Hey, what you need to remember when driving in snow, or when it's slippery out, is to just SLOW DOWN! That's it.

But I'm sure your lil' Mazada's all wheel drive didn't hurt either! lol!!

ShirleyPerly said...

I had no idea that Little Rock got that much snow. I don't know how to drive in snow at all and better stick to warmer climes!