Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Return of Daisy

With Chasen safely home from his business trip, snoozing away, I set out to go cycling with our good friend John. For ease of travel, I put Daisy in the back of Chasen's truck and headed out to Little Rock to meet John. I just might have to get a bike rack for my Mazda one of these days.

We agreed to cycle at Two Rivers Park. I had been running there before with the ladies running group I joined almost three years ago, so I knew what I was in for: beautiful, quiet, mostly wooded, paved trails.

Just for background info, John is a HOOT. And a conversationalist. So we had a very pleasant time cycling all over that place. He said that he was impressed that I was out there in DA BOOT. Then he said you just can't keep an athlete down. Ha! I loved that.

John and I in front of the Arkansas River.

I introduced John to Daisy. I asked what his bike's name was. He said she didn't have one, but she had received many cussings (as we say here in the South) in the past 13 years since she became his, so I suggested that he call her Dammit. Thus, Dammit was born!

Daisy and I, plus DA BOOT.

Chasen always says that I look like a bike cop in my high-vis yellow jacket. Today, due to DA BOOT, he said I looked like RoboCop. HA!

I'm happy to report that my ankle/foot did just fine out there. Zero pain. So far, so good, in terms of the aftermath. (I am not anticipating any aftermath, but one never knows.)

John, showing off with Dammit.

John, also known as Elijah's honorary "Uncle John," used to train for triathlons. He'd like to get back into it. I think I have just found myself a cycling buddy! We went 12.29 miles today. My fastest speed was 19.5 MPH. It was a fantastic morning! I finally felt like myself. :)


Chief Wahoo said...

Sounds like a great ride!

You seem to be really "bonding" with da boot!

ShirleyPerly said...

19.5mph?! WOW!! Sounds like both a great ride and great company. And glad DA BOOT was able to come along too. That photo of you I will have to include in the video for sure. You rock!!

Arland said...

Looks like a great day for a ride. When I saw how warm the weather was this morning I wanted to go ride but we had the Little Rockers run and the expo. I have not named my bike yet.....not even sure if its a boy or a

Maddy said...

Susan my dear, you are such an inspiration! Nothing is going to hold you back! Sounds like a great ride with John, Daisy and Da Boot.

Aw, sheesh, do I need to name my bike too? My car has a name, I never thought of naming my bike. I'll need to think about that one...

Bev said...

Looks like you had some big fun. 19.5 , that is pretty fast. I'm guessing you don't yet have clips on Daisy or Da Boot would not have been so much fun? Have fun at the marathon.

jeanne said...

I cannot believe you are riding a bike with a boot! You are HARDCORE!

Petraruns said...

Girl! You never fail to inspire! Will anything get you down? I think not. You and DA BOOT are a hoot!

Dawn said...

oh... I am scared of the two of you riding together!!! Watch out for Uncle John! He will have you doing crazy stuff!