Friday, February 29, 2008


Today is the start of MARATHON WEEKEND. Yep, this Sunday is the Little Rock Marathon. Mind you, I have not run in 46 days -- but who's counting?

This was taken on my way to work today.

In honor of this big weekend, I am wearing my running shoes today. Actually, I am just wearing one, as DA BOOT is on my other foot. Ha! And I am happy to report that this morning my foot was the least swollen it has been so far in 2008. Whoo hoo!

I distinctly remember going to the race expo last year to pick up my loot. I was so excited and felt honored to be there. I'm not running this year, obviously, but I do get to be involved. You see, my friend Liberty (whom I met in 1992 at Arkansas Governor's School) is married to a wonderful guy named Lance -- and Lance has became a runner! They live about 3 1/2 hours from us, and we will be hosting them this weekend as Lance runs his first race ever -- the half marathon. They will arrive tomorrow, and we'll all go to the expo together. Since I am officially registered to run the half marathon, I will go through the motions and get my goody bag (I paid for it, after all). I am excited because I want to give my race shirt to Liberty. That way she can wear it and be even more proud of Lance in the future. I plan to make a "Go Lance!" sign tonight. I will be the head of the pit crew and cheering section. Poor Lance doesn't know what he has gotten himself into! :)

My friend Sherri will be walking the half marathon, also. She signed up as a runner, though -- in case she feels the urge to hustle up. Ha! I hope to get to cheer her on, also. I encouraged her to train for the race back in September. This week I caught her, a former doubter, saying "only five miles" or something to that effect. Ummm hmmm - another addict created!

Last night I used my new iRiver to create FOUR podcast submissions! Easy as pie. Now you'll just have to wait and see which ones...

Today I purchased a gel seat cover for Daisy (aka my bike). I have been invited to go cycling tomorrow with our friend John. John is returning to cycling after much time away from the sport... and apparently this happened upon seeing Daisy at my house. He used to train for triathlons -- so we'll have lots to talk about tomorrow.

Chasen's flight has been delayed from Chicago (darn Chicago.... think back to the Lake Tahoe flying debacle...) but he should be back before midnight...

That's all, folks. TGIF!


PLANET3RRY said...

You have fun this weekend with the race and the riding. You need Chasen there to help you with the signs.

Strange to think that you haven't run in 46 days... wow.

CewTwo said...

Chasen does have a way with signs!

You'll get there again. And all of us will be cheering you on!

Chief Wahoo said...

Glad to hear the ankle is improving.

Enjoy the race weekend - and best wishes to Lance!

ShirleyPerly said...

Busy as always! Hope Chasen doesn't get delayed too badly and the gel seat works well for you. Yay, for the ankle!!

nylisa said...

Have fun! Go Lance!

cheryl said...

Have fun at the expo and the marathon, but don't expect to much in the way of a "goody" bag, I went yesterday. But lots of vendors to get goodies from instead!

Oh and I hope you will be looking for me in the first half, I'll be the girl running, HA!!