Sunday, April 27, 2008

Destination Known

104 days without running.

After my 5-minute, 1-mile stint on the elliptical machine on Wednesday night, my foot started to hurt on Thursday. By Thursday night I had to get out my good ole bag of peas and ice it! I haven't had to ice it since 2007. That threw me for a loop. It was tender on Friday, but by Saturday it was back to normal. Note to self: no more elliptical until my "walking" muscles get in gear. I can begin walking three days from now! Yay! And, assuming due to the elliptical, my quads have been beyond sore.

OK, here's the scoop: Chasen has landed a fantastic job out of state! We'll be moving to Olive Branch, Mississippi. It's just south of Memphis and 2 1/2 hours from Little Rock. Our house is on the market and we've targeted a specific area (and a specific house, fingers crossed) over there.


Maddy said...

sorry to hear about your ankle! Thank goodness for frozen peas!

Congratulations to Chasen and his new job! May your house sell quickly and you can be on your way!

How will that effect your new business?

MarathonChris said...

Congrats on the new job and new house!!! Best wishes on selling the current house.

Busy, busy, busy you!

Chief Wahoo said...

Sorry to hear about the ankle. Seems weird that something with no impact like the elliptical machine would cause swelling - it must be a range of motion that the boot was preventing?

Conrats on Chasen's new job and the move - exciting stuff!

Bev said...

Slow your roll on the ankle. You've been so patient with it. Just keep it up.

Wow what a great adventure moving to MS. Congrats and good luck. Have you been checking out the running situation in that area?

ShirleyPerly said...

How exciting! Hope you don't have problems selling your home (homes in my neighborhood have been on the market for nearly 2 years!).

Take it easy on your ankle. To me, walking should be easier on your ankle than elliptical because the range of motion (plantar & dorsiflexion) should be less. Good luck!!

CewTwo said...

Note to self - Buys frozen peas in the bag. Of course, I would tbe too macho to actually use them (when anyone else was around...)

Kim said...

I'm excited for you guys and the upcoming move!!! Do ya have a time frame when this will happen??
2 1/2 hrs from accepting overnight guests if there's a race nearby??!!

Jodi said...

Why Ms. Susan, yur movin to ma neck a tha woods! (well, sorta) Looks like you will have to come to the coast for a visit (don't worry, you will, you'll see, they all do.)

Yea! That's awesome! What has 4 eyes but can't see? Mississippi! Yea!

I remember running against Olive Branch in cross country in high school. Let me know when you decide to come to the casinos!

Jodi said...

oh yeah, mississippi coast marathon in november. i'm runnin it, and it's my there or be square! :-D

Jade Lady said...

Sounds like a great opportunity!