Monday, April 28, 2008

We All Hear Voices

This handsome fellow is Dr. Sam Taggart. He is the former owner of our house here in Benton. He has practiced medicine around here for the past 30 years. What's more, he has completed 97 marathons! What's even more, he has written a novel. I highly recommend We All Hear Voices. Here is an excerpt from

It is a delightful tale about rural Arkansas and the people who live there. The main character in the story is a cook named Jack who works in Moon’s Bar and Grill across the street from the Empire Stock Car Track. Jack has the gift of synesthesia; he tastes shapes and sees sounds. He goes to the track, gets a great deal of stimulation and comes back to the cafĂ© and fixes magnificent banquet meals. The problem for Jack is: when he gets too much stimulation he hears angry hostile voices and when he takes medicine to make the voices go away he can no longer cook. All of the other normal people in the story also hear voices. They hear the voices of their mothers, fathers and in the case of Moon, the owner of the bar, he hears the voice of the God of Chance. The story is a psychological mystery with a healthy dose of friendship, cooking and stock car racing. It is available in local bookstores, gift shops, Barnes and and

I read it and really enjoyed it. Dr. Taggart is going to come and give a talk to my book club about it in early May.


Pokey said...

Wow, sounds like a great book!

And congrats on hub's new job and the big move you have going on!!! Busy, busy!

CewTwo said...

Congratulations on another new development in your lives!

At least you are looking at the new scenario in the best of all lights!

peter said...

Cool sounding book. Can you imagine the good doctor, sitting in the parlour room of your house, looking out the window, thinking of and seeing the race track, the diner, hearing the thunder at the track, the bustle in the diner ...