Saturday, May 03, 2008

Doggone Tired

Congrats to Marathon Chris for one extraordinary year of podcasting!

What a busy time! I haven't walked since my first initial walk on Wednesday. I trained with Tonya on Thursday, then began house and dog sitting for a friend who is getting married in Jamaica. I am keeping her two dogs and her parents two dogs at her empty house (like mine, it is on the market). I have a bed, a small TV and not much more -- except four little characters:

Charlie, who has to wear a diaper. He is the sweet, perfect one. Except Lucy pooped on his head today.

Lucy, aka Lucifer. She is a loud little thing who likes to sleep under the bed.

Dolly, formerly known as the devil dog. Away from her regular home, she is a recluse who causes no trouble.

Katie, the very spotted girl who is also extremely sweet... until she stands on my bladder in the wee hours.

I just love dogs. I miss having a dog. But I must admit that dog sitting has somewhat cured my puppy fever. Perhaps I should babysit...

In other news, our house has sold! Can you believe it? It took me about 4 months and a dozen failed offers (weirdo buyers) to sell my single-woman house three years ago. Here's hoping the offer goes like clockwork!

As such, we started cleaning out our garage this afternoon. We have, to our surprise, quite a few things that we can part with. It looks like I am going to have a good old fashioned yard sale this next Saturday. We also have some furniture to sell, since we are moving into a house that is about 361 square feet smaller (and, yes, we'll still have plenty of room).

That's all folks. I have a bike ride with John scheduled tomorrow, and I look forward to getting some real exercise.


MarathonChris said...

Congrats on selling the house!!! :-) That has to be a load off your mind.

Have fun with the puppies. You could watch my kids but they aren't baby aged so you miss that experience :-)

PLANET3RRY said...

The Elder and The Younger would love to be babysat by Susan from Almost Mississippi Now

ShirleyPerly said...

That's great news!! I am amazed at how fast your house was sold.

Sounds like fun taking care of the dogs. I like dogs too but my husband and I travel too much to have one. Dogsitting would be the next best thing if anyone ever asked me.

Jade Lady said...

So great to hear about your house contract - will keep my fingers crossed - you must have priced it right or something!

The doggies are so cute - you are a sweetheart to sit for them. It must be hard for them to be without their parents.