Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hammer Time

What a week! I worked 10-12 hours each day this week to meet a deadline. I was one tired woman, I assure you. And to boot, I did not run. Not even once! I wanted to badly, but I knew one extra hour of sleep would really help me with the working... so I sacrificed.

But then all of that changed. I finished the work (and it got high marks!) and enjoyed a peaceful Friday. That is a perk of working for yourself. I can take some time off whenever I feel like it (or, more to the point, after working like a dog for days on end waaaaaay exceeding 8 hours per day).

Runner's World arrived and I was reminded that I am indeed a runner! So this morning I got up at 5 AM and went out for a run in my new neighborhood. I am loving it here! It's pretty flat and I can do a whole mile without repeating scenery. It was GREAT to be out there before the sun really came up. It was actually a little bit cool, temperature-wise. Heaven!

At noon I went to Macy's. I've never been at a Macy's before, but I ducked in there yesterday and, as always, got immediately frustrated. I HATE to shop. But I needed some new clothes. So, like smartie Jeanne, I asked for a personal shopper. I arrived today and Saint Belinda had a bunch of clothes picked out for me. I ended up staying for two hours! Within that time something VERY exciting happened, and not in a good way. There was a robbery! Oh my goodness. I heard a beating sound and assumed they were repairing the elevator. Then I heard "Run! Run!" And then Belinda was headed my way and also told me to run. I said "Where? Why?" She said "Back here. I don't know why." A slew of other ladies were also running. We ended up in a locked storeroom. Apparently a man had tried to hammer a jewelery case (and succeeded). He made it out of the store. Within 2-3 minutes we were able to leave the storeroom. Scary!

After all that excitement I had to go to Bike World to pick up Daisy. You see, those darn movers injured her a bit. They tried to skinny her up, I guess, and bent her handlebars to one side while the wheel remained straight. The guy then rotated her back into place, but I don't think she was truly straight, and the front wheels were engaged. Grrr! So I got her a tune-up to the tune of $32. Now I have a receipt for my claim! The Bike World guys says this happens ALL THE TIME. They even have a "movers damage" order permanently in their system.

I have another deadline coming my way this week, but it shouldn't be nearly as bad as this past week. Busy, busy!


ShirleyPerly said...

Scary, indeed, about that robbery. Glad you're OK!

Unfortunately, it just seems that crime is everywhere nowadays. There've been numerous similar robbery incidents in broad daylight in Orlando and MarathonChris told me a few days ago that a jogger was killed along a popular bike path very close to where I live. I'm sick of it!

PLANET3RRY said...

Well, no wonder you don't like to shop... too much excitement!

Glad that you are back on the road... we need to workout what you are going to be doing this fall. Now that you aren't "as" busy, maybe we can get something "Hammer"ed out.

Hope Daisy is on the mend!

Nat said...

Eeeek! One more reason to hate shopping. :)

Glad Daisy is back in working order.

I took an afternoon off last week and ended up going for a long run. There is something decadent about it no?

Arland said...

Wow Susan, that is scary. The Memphis area seems to have a lot of that going on. Glad you got Daisy back, nows the time to ride, almost too hot to run.

Bev said...

Good thing you can run from bad guys now! Sorry about Daisy. Those moving guys really cram stuff in the trucks.

CewTwo said...

What some people will do to get a beautiful women into a locked storeroom! I'll have to remember that one...

Seriously though, crime is everywhere. When I take the bike path north, there is only so far I will go when I am running. The neighborhoods get too seedy and the "pedestrians" of a questionable nature.

My friend, Tom, always work on my bike. He understands how those things work. I watch as he works in amazement!

Take care, Susan!

Jade Lady said...

5am - you're definitely a runner, if u wake up at that hour to get a run in! Truthfully, it's about the best time to run these days, given the heat!

Glad u had a chance to get out there, after some long hours at work!

peter said...

That's some long hours at work. And quite a scare at the store! Glad you're back to 5 am runs where all that business and excitment settles down.

Petraruns said...

Wow! That's very scary - glad you're okay...

Sounds like you're (amazingly) on top of it all. And yes, sometimes that extra half hour of sleep is just necessary. Sounds like your business is really taking off!