Monday, June 09, 2008

Back To School

Greetings from Arkansas. We're almost outta here! We closed on our old house today (hallelujah) and I am currently working/blogging at Henderson State University. This is where Chasen is pursuing his MBA. This is his last class at HSU. He has one elective to go, and he can take that closer to our new home, thank heavens.

Welcome to Arkansas!

We've had a good, yet busy, visit. Staying at our old house was indeed a step up from camping in that we had a roof over our heads and air conditioning. We even had a stereo! But, we didn't have any chairs. It's pretty hard to use a computer while sitting on the floor, FYI. It was indeed a step down from a hotel because we had to provide our own towels and had no internet service. Oh well -- it was free. :)

A very odd scene; I've never seen a motorcycle towed this way.

I have just listened to the latest episode of The Dump Runners Club. Matt touts the benefits of early morning running. The Mississippi heat has reminded me that I will soon be running before dawn. No doubt about it! And I believe I will start immediately... because I have so much work right now that I need some sort of outlet! And getting up so early will give me a jump on the day in the best possible way. Ahhh... running.... I love ya!


peter said...

Running as the day gets light jump-starts your day.

gabsatrucker said...

I have never seen a motorcycle being towed that way either, that's odd. Early morning running is awesome in the summer, makes me feel like I've accomplished something even if I do go back to bed afterwards sometimes ;-)

CewTwo said...

I just can't run too early. I need to get my sleep instead. I am so glad that things are settling down for you. The move to a new state, the cleaning, the closing, and finnally being able to run!

Life is good sometimes!

BTW - Camping chairs are cheap and don't take up much room. Then again, until you take Chasen on an improptu picnic, you'd have to keep them somewhere!

nylisa said...

I need some type of motivation to get me out of bed for a morning run!

Hope you're all settled in!