Saturday, June 07, 2008

Olive Branch!

What a week! But I'll get right to the running. Today I did my first run in Olive branch. I walked for a half mile in my new, flat neighborhood and then I RAN for a whole half mile! I determined that running hurt no more than walking, so why not do it. I then repeated for a total of two sweltering hot miles. I even had a negative split. But I MUST return to pre-dawn running. This heat is just too much!

This week our furniture and belongings arrived fairly unscathed. One item was broken (a plate from Mexico) and another cracked, but in the grand scheme of things, all went smoothly. We have stuff strewed out everywhere through the house... but the kitchen, guest bathroom, master bedroom and master bath are perfectly organized. We've gotten so far as to arrange the living room and dining room, but PLENTY of stuff needs to be organized and put away. All in due time! The spare room is a big mess, also. My home office is also running efficiently... although I don't know if my copier/fax/printer/scanner will ever again speak to my laptop... so no printing for now. :(

And our cable/internet/landline is now working, as well as our home security/fire alarm system (once robbed, forever shy).

We are headed back to -- big surprise -- Arkansas this weekend. We will attend a wedding reception (yours truly arranged the 300+ photo slide show), clean our old house, do a TON of professional work (me), do a ton of school work (Chasen), visit some of my clients, sign more stuff at the bank, close on our old house (yay!) and then I'll sit and do more work as Chasen attends a class on Monday evening. Oh my! So no running in Arkansas -- I think I've done enough over the years. Ha! We're going to stay at our empty old house. It's a step up from camping and a step down from a hotel.

Mr. and Mrs. Busy will soon return!


ShirleyPerly said...

Hooray for the running!

Moving is such a hassle. I hope you're able to get everything squared away soon on top of all the other stuff you've got going. Mr & Mrs Busy is an understatement!!

peter said...

Every run will be a new adventure for awhile as you check out brand new routes. I still remember an old post of yours wherein you drew in all the streets you ran on in your old town. My hometown is small, that would be fun for me to do someday (add it to my list of intentions).

IrishBlue said...

I feel dizzy just reading about it. Enjoy the friends and family back home.

Running again - very cool...

Southbay Girl said...

Congrats on your run-even in the heat! I do feel for you though-I hate running in the heat

Maddy said...

Yay! You're back to running!


sorry to hear a few things were broken in the move. But it does sound like you're on top of getting everything squared away!

Can you believe it's just 18 weeks until our crew is together in Chicago? How exciting!

Petraruns said...

WEll done for your first Olive Branch run and you seem to be okaY? And you seem to have weathered the move without too much trauma - one plate is not so bad really..

Good luck staying on top of things in the next busy weeks..

Jade Lady said...

Yaya! Running is such a wonderful feeling! I think the heat is getting to everyone this year - what's up with the weather?

Glad to hear your move went well. It can be a stressful time, with so much's nice to have your stuff safely in your new home.

Chief Wahoo said...

Glad to hear the running is going well!

Hoepfully you will get settled in to your new home quickly

CewTwo said...

I echo Shirley... You seem so pleased at being able to run again. I think that is great!

All I can say about you is that you like to keep busy. At least, it can keep you out of trouble.

Take care, my friend!