Monday, July 21, 2008


Lo and behold -- Worldwide Half Marathon training has commenced! Today, 12 weeks out, I was to do 2 miles of interval training. Unfortunately I couldn't get to sleep until almost 3 AM... and I had to get up at 6:15 AM (because even at 6 AM it's already 75 degrees and 90% humidity - no kidding).

The difference between being in training and not is the fact that I actually drug myself out of bed considering the circumstances. FYI.

I set my Garmin to the interval setting. I was to do 200m at interval pace of 11:15 and then rest for 200m (.125 miles). Unfortunately I set both for .12 so my overall time was 1.96. Only as I was finishing up did it dawn on me that I could have set the run or rest to .13 to make a nice, even 2 miles. Duh!

I love intervals. I always have. No matter how much I'm struggling, I can maintain almost anything for a 200m! Rest is never far away.

I1: 11:33 (too slow - and I thought I was right on the money)
R1: 14:04
I2: 11:27 (too slow)
R2: 14:31
I3: 11:19 (getting there!)
R3: 13:38
I4: 14:53 (umm... apparently I did recovery twice in a row... duh...)
R4: 10:50 (slow down!)
I5: 14:24
R5: 11:44 (speed up...)
I6: 14:25
R6: 11:13 (cool)
I7: 14:42
R7: 11:31 (hurry up!)
I8: 15:25
R8: 12:21 (should have sprinted)

Because I goofed it up, I can't really give accurate averages. BUT I feel great about getting there and accomplishing it. Now someone puh-leez send some cooler weather my way!


PLANET3RRY said...

Funny how we can trick the mind to get us to do things. I'll be doing the same thing on 8/4 when I officially go into Fall Marathon training, but until now, I see the heat and humidity outside and think... eh, maybe later. HA!

Good first day back "At Work"!

ShirleyPerly said...

It sounds as if your weather is very similar to what we have in Central FL. Congrats for getting out there!

Bev said...

Awesome job. I guess I should learn how to use my Garmin for intervals. Sounds like a great workout. I liked your video entry! It's very cool to see our bloggy friends in real life motion.

peter said...

Getting the time down for lap running is always trciky at first, as you sort of angle in on it til you get it right. That heat must be awful.

CewTwo said...

I've been doing my runs, but... Wetting my hat at every drinking fountain. Filling and emptying my water bottles all the time. I'm running through city foutains (we have the dancing kind in city center), through lawn sprinklers and asking people that are washing their cars to spray me down... With all of that my times are just terrible, but I am making the runs!

Maddy said...

Way to get out there and beat the heat!!

It was so hot today the only time I went outside was to take a call with my boss because the boxer dog thought it was time for his dinner and he was whining.

It will be fun to run part of your WWHM along Lake Michigan. How exciting will that be?

Jennifa......G said...

Your kicken butt girl! I admire that even after 3 piddley hours of sleep you got out there! Thanks for all your sweet comments and support!