Saturday, September 20, 2008

Big Times in Little Rock

This wonderful week has not slowed down. On Friday Chasen and I set out for Little Rock. Today was the grand opening of the biggest project in my career! But first I have some other exciting news.

Before we left town I was contacted by Runner's World Magazine regarding my post about doing the Human Race 10K virtually, alone, in Olive Branch. WOW! I received an e-mail, and then a phonecall. I was asked about why I chose to participate alone, etc., to which I replied that a) there was not a sanctioned Human Race 10K in a city near me, and b) I do not own a Nike Plus gizmo. But I wanted to be a part of the worldwide running community... so I just did it on my own. And I plugged the Worldwide Half Marathon as my history/incentive to do so -- you know, the whole sense of community thing. We spoke for about 8 minutes. If (and that is a BIG if) my short blurb will be published, it'll be in the December issue. WOW! I was honored.

So, we're in Little Rock. The biggest, both in size and budget, project I've ever worked on had its grand opening today. Here is its website: Long story short: historic building burned and we recreated it (yet with modern building codes and construction, yet it looks almost identical to the original). It is now a museum, offices for the Dept. of Arkansas Heritage, AND a grand ballroom space.

This is the original pediment from over the original entry (it was salvaged and is now a part of the museum).

Chasen and I standing in the Changing Exhibits gallery.

This was quite the event! We attended a "thanks to everyone who was involved in the project" breakfast at 9 AM. But before that, I met with a fellow Licensed Architect at 6:30 AM about potential work (which I scored!)

I gave Chasen the grand tour, and then there was a dedication ceremony at 11 AM (which lasted an hour) and the ribbon cutting was at noon. After all that standing (and lunch) I needed a nap. I zonked out for three hours! Now I must rest up for my run with Gabrielle in the morning. It will be so nice to meet a fellow blogger!


Lisa said...

WOW!!!! What a week and it looks like a steady stream of more good things are just around the corner. Congratulations on the grand opening. The pictures are great! You look absolutely radiant! Runner's World would be absolutely crazy not to use your comments in the magazine. You speak for a lot of us runners who run not only for that sense of community but also for some really great causes. I'm just so proud of you!!! With all these good vibes around you, you'll do great on your run tomorrow so I don't need to wish you luck -- I'll just wish you loads of fun (which I know you'll have)

~Lisa :)

Petraruns said...

What a fabulous achievement - all of it. The gods are shining on you Susan - bask in it!

And wowie - someone I know is going to be in Runnersworld! You'll have to scan the article in for me. Well done!

Arland said...

Welcome back to the Rock for a few days! Hope you and Gabby have a great run, I know Annette would have been there but I think she got overbooked!

gabsatrucker said...

You didn't tell me I was hanging out with a famous person this morning!!! I went to bed early last night and didn't check the blogs. Here I am yakking about everything else in the world and you had this great news and didn't share with me. You're way too modest but I guess that's part of what makes you such a great person.

Enjoyed the morning workout and hope we can do it again sometime soon! I feel bad that I didn't get to congratulate you in person though :-(


gabsatrucker said...

Oh, almost forgot. Here's the links for the other 2 bloggers I was telling you about



Congrats again!!!!!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Holy Moly! You're hitting the big time now with RW calling you up. Hope they use your comments.

And congrats on your Little Rock project!!

Bev said...

You are so awesome! RW and a wonderful career achievement. Next thing we know you will be solving world hunger and leaping over buildings in a single bound.