Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What's Up?

Other than my big news, I haven't blogged much lately. So where's what's been up!

For starters, during my weekend in Little Rock, my left ankle started to hurt. Where is the justice in this world? Aargh. By the end of that Saturday of being on my feet, the ankle was puffy and the arch had started to hurt. Again, where's the justice? Running/walking has certainly not been strenuous, so pregnancy was to blame! :)

Alas I could not miss out on the chance to go to the River Trail with Gabrielle. Once we got started (I'd say within one mile) the pain went away. Afterwards, of course, it came back. Yuck! If I learned anything from the torn peroneal tendon last year, it was STOP when pain begins. Lay off! Time off! Rest! Do not push! I was half smart, figuring that I'd give myself a week off (after pushing myself - idiot me).

The following week (off from running) brought MUCH work, i.e. MUCH sitting. On Monday and Tuesday both feet began to swell. Darn pregnancy! (just kidding) Then I had to go back to Little Rock for business ($$$!) and fun on Wednesday and Thursday, thus more meeting sitting, driving sitting, etc. Foot swelling galore! So that's when I learned that a) sitting all the time is NOT good for my feet and ankles, and b) running/walking IS good for this pregnancy - see! :)

The ankle was better by this point, but the arch - OUCH. Not a bit better. Chasen said it felt "tight" and it was super tender to the touch. I couldn't imagine exercising on it. I had a busy weekend planned anyway, so skipping the long run was actually some welcome time off.

Here we are at my women's philanthropy group's fundraiser on Saturday night.

Come Monday, Chasen diagnosed me with a "fallen arch" and suggested I wear my running shoes around the house. The thought of wearing those hard, molded plastic orthotics was not a good one. I prefer Crocs! I love Crocs! Coach Terry thought maybe it was a bit of Plantar Fasciitis and perhaps I should wear my running shoes all the time. WHY ME? I'm doing practically nothing and get PF? Justice, please! I did my research and the Mayo Clinic says that PF can sometimes be caused by pregnancy and/or weight gain. *eye roll*

This brings me to Tuesday's ultrasound. The baby (not yet known to be Isaac Roy) was not cooperating for the ultrasound lady. She said it was the worst baby she'd seen all day! It was NOT cooperating in terms of "spreading" to determine the gender. She was able to complete her other major organ checklist with ease (and all was well, thankfully). She said it was "balled up pushing on my bladder." Boy that explains a lot! Anyway, it finally turned the right way and she said "Well, it's a boy! There are the testes." Surprise! A boy! We both kind of always thought we had a girl in there. A boy! WOW!

Next we saw the Obstetrician. After all the baby stuff (which was thankfully boring) we addressed my feet. Darn if she didn't agree with Chasen and Coach Terry! I shot Chasen a hateful look. I hate it when he's right! LOL So now I am wearing the running shoes all the time and feeling TONS better. Bye bye Crocs.

Now, today, I have three hot topics. 1) I'm having a baby boy! All of the mamas of boys have given me the best news ever: boys ALWAYS love their mamas. Ha! I'm so excited. 2) Now that my foot is already better, the Worldwide Half Marathon is back on my mind. 'Nuff said! 3) Elijah is currently harvesting stem cells in Little Rock. He'll be headed to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia the weekend of the WWH and the Chicago Marathon. So everyone, as you run, please think of and pray for Elijah.

That's what's up.


ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, life can be seem so unfair at times. But if you can fix your foot issue simply by wearing running shoes all the time, consider yourself fortunate. Many PF sufferers would love to be able to do that.

Will do on the thoughts for Elijah. He's such a brave little guy!

Petraruns said...

I'm with Shirley honey - compared with everything you went through last year with your injury it's amazing this is making such a difference so quickly...

I'm so happy all is well with you and baby - and boys do adore their mamas and that is just gorgeous..

And finally - Elijah is in my prayers..

Bev said...

Elijah gets moved to the top of my prayer list. You are always so busy. I hope you are getting a nap occasionally. Take care and tell Isaac Roy hey!

Jennifa......G said...

Congrats on your baby boy! Sounds like he's a rebel already..:)I am also glad to hear that your feet and ankles feel better. It sounds like the running shoes did the trick. I have to admit that I am a chronic running shoe wear-er...but I've got picky feet.

You look fabulous and it sounds like you're feeling pretty great too. Lol to you and baby and of course Elijah.

Nat said...

Boys totally need their moms and I hope you get a snuggler. (I have a snuggler he is amazing.)

My feet were so sore during pregnancy and ... em... I hate to break this to you... my feet went up a size and ... umm... never went back down.

(Definitely sending happy thoughts to Elijah.)

Road Warrior said...

It makes me smile that you need to wear running shoes all the time. It's just your body's way of telling you that nothing can take you off the road.

Isaac Roy has to be a runner know. His mom is wearing the shoes!

Arland said...

Just say no to PF! Hope you don't have that. I'd take stress fractures any day. Some days things just hurt more than others too. Your doing great, just take those rest days.

gabsatrucker said...

Ohhhh, I can't wait to meet Isaac Roy!!

Elijah is definitely in my thoughts.

Wearing running shoes all the time? You mean there are other kinds of shoes? LOL!!!

Rest days are just as important as workout days.

lizzie lee said...

Congrats for the boy!!!! I had it right....How many of us had won the bet?

Isaac Roy not cooperating already with the ultrasound? Proper of a boy!!!

God bless you and your family....