Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Good Life

I am blogging with my feet up in bed. Aaah - no Calgon required!

I had a very busy weekend of WORK. Ick. But hey, as a "freelancer," you have to take it as it comes. So no walking since Saturday - such is life.

I had an obstetrician's visit today. My doctor gave birth to a baby boy on Friday, so I will be seeing another doctor until she returns. I didn't like the new doc as much (who likes change?) but on the up side, if I go into labor over a weekend, anyone from the practice could come to see me. So I guess it's better to get familiar with as many docs as possible. Lemonade, anyone?

Tomorrow is my 10k in Collierville, Tennessee. I know I can handle the distance. I just hope I can handle the lack of port-a-potties!


Arland said...

Wow, a 10k? Your amazing! Good luck and keep freelancing!

Road Warrior said...

You have such a great attitude. I love it. Happy new year!

Petraruns said...

10K at your stage of pregnancy - you're fabulous! Well done - and a great attitude indeed. Happy new year!

nylisa said...

Thanks, Susan! Good luck with the 10k! Happy New Year!