Wednesday, December 31, 2008

DAC New Year's Eve 10k Relay. Sort Of.

Today was the DAC 10k Relay in Collierville, TN. I actually got a wonderful night's sleep (those are rare these days) and woke before my alarm. Chasen stayed up late working on a home renovation project, so I decided to go it alone. I headed out just before 6:30 AM.

The relay team of 1 1/2 (that'd be Baby Isaac and I) got there just as packet pick-up began, in the nice, warm gym. It was so warm that I didn't venture out until just before the race began. This is the inaugural running of this race, and tons of people signed up unregistered. I was surprised that it started on time!

It was sooooo cold as I "waddled" out to the starting area. Windy, too! The temp was in the 30's, but the wind chill factor definitely made it sub-freezing. I brought a third layer to possibly wear, but I figured my "internal space heater" would keep me warm. And he did.

I lined up dead last. Might as well! For a few seconds I pondered why I was even out there torturing myself in the frigid cold. But, I signed up for it, so I intended to finish it. Shortly after the race began a girl befriended me. So Becky and I were the anchors of the full 10k.

I must say... the course was NOT well monitored, meaning if Becky had not ran back to the gym to get us a couple of course maps, I'd have never been able to follow the course. Especially not alone. It especially got confusing just past the halfway point (also the relay switch point, for some). There was a bathroom there! A heated bathroom! I didn't have to go, but I did anyway. Again, might as well!

We were going along fantastically. No aches and pain. The wind definitely slowed me down, but we were having a grand time talking about everything under the sun, but especially mixing motherhood and athletics (she has 2 kiddos).

Up to mile 5, we were champions. Then, somewhere in the middle, I noticed that we were very close to the gym, yet the finish was nowhere in sight. Since there was no one to direct us, we went straight back to it. I turned off my Garmin at 5.80 at the gym doors. Come to find out, we took a wrong turn. Oh well -- can't turn back the clock. We were dead last anyway. No biggie! Any mileage accomplished is a victory to me at 32 weeks pregnant. 54 days to go!

Becky and I exchanged info. She is more into cycling that walking/running, so we just might be a good mix in the future.

Chasen and I are heading to Little Rock after while to go to Elijah's house for the Second Annual Wiipalooza. Should be a great time! Happy New Year, everyone. Be safe! And lace up tomorrow.


Petraruns said...

It's kind of a pain when you go to the trouble of registering and getting to a race and you then find out it's not well-organised - sorry to hear that! You still did really well though - hats off you to you and your half. And good on you for making a new friend! Happy new year and many happy trails!

Road Warrior said...

Happy new year to you, too. I loved reading your blog this year!

gabsatrucker said...

Yay Susan!! Hopefully it will be much better organized next year.

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Maddy said...

Kudos to you for getting out there! Sorry to hear things weren't well organized.

What an inspiration you are to moms-to-be everywhere!

And you made a new friend too!

Happy New Year Susan!

PLANET3RRY said...

You are amazing! Coming in dead last does mean that you finished and it seems that the course could have been better marked. Another instance where, without Volunteers there was DARKNESS and CHAOS!

Hope you had a great New Years... the next one is going to be TOTALLY different! So, did you kick ass in Wiipalooza. With all the funky Wii games that are coming out (Wii Fit and Wii outdoors) I wonder if they are going to make a Wii Birth?

Jennifa......G said...

I just wanted to say...that you are a wonderfully sweet and loving person and I wish you, Chasen and your wee lil "space heater" the best that 2009 has to offer! Congrats on waddling your way into 32 weeks of pregnancy...I admire all that you do and am proud of you for all the miles you put in! You are an inspiration and I look forward to reading your blog and seeing what new adventures you'll take on in this New Year! You Go Girl!

peter said...

Glad you and your friend got a good run in and had such a positive attitude about it. You're such a trooper!