Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lady In Waiting

It seems like quite a while since I last posted, which is unlike me. But I've had a lot going on!

After my 4-miler on Saturday, I decided to take Sunday off because I was a bit sore. My legs needed a little rest. Plus, we put up our Christmas decorations.

Here I am in front of the first mantle I've ever had! No kidding. 3 fireplaces, 1 mantle. Go figure!

On Monday I received the dreaded call from the obstetrician's office regarding my blood sugar testing. It seems that I am a little anemic, which I was told years ago. The solution back then was to make sure I took a multi-vitamin, which turned into a prenatal vitamin the minute I got married (the doctor insisted, even though I assured her I was years away from conception). When I had my first OB visit, apparently I was not anemic. But now I am. So they recommended an OTC iron supplement. One pill per day, no problem. Except my first pill, taken Monday, made me feel weak (or maybe I was just tired), so I did not walk that day.

AND I was told that my blood sugar was too high. Great. So... I had to fast past midnight and head back to the doctor's office for THREE HOURS of testing on Tuesday. First they took my "fasting" blood, then made me drink a glucose drink that was TWICE as sweet as the one the week before. It actually tasted a bit better. I was to get blood taken exactly one hour later. So I went to the waiting room and turned on my laptop (I had work to do!) and 20 minutes later I was so weak that I thought I'd pass out. Off went the laptop. No more of that! The next thing I knew it was time for the next blood sample. They alternated arms (I now look like a junkie). And 20 minutes later I was weak, but not nearly as badly as before. And I was parched! After two more samples were taken, I was finally ready to leave just past noon. I was starved. They said to avoid sweets that day and to only have a minimal amount of carbs. Let me be the first to say that the Atkins lifestyle is NOT for me. Yuck. I didn't feel good for the rest of the day... so no treadmill.

Our new tree! Our old one was too tall for this house, so we sold it before moving.

This was actually a wedding present.

Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus. Chasen does not love these, but I've had them since I was a kid!

So finally today, Wednesday, I had the energy to burn some calories! I did a 5K on the treadmill. I just looooove Teddy Tready! My shins hurt a bit at first, but nothing like before. And by wearing my new running shoes all day, my feet feel great.

I am still awaiting results from the doctor's office. They said it would probably all turn out OK, and if not it would likely be something that could be managed with diet. No big deal.


COTY said...

Pretty tree.
I like mr & mrs claus !
Hope your test comes out good..

mills said...

Elliptical are great for people that have bad joints and cannot take the pounding that is inevitable with Treadmills. This is because an elliptical is designed to be very smooth and the joints are never under strain. It also burns calories very quickly without straining the joints they way treadmills can.

ShirleyPerly said...

I'm prone to anemia too and take an iron supplement in addition to a multivitamin. Odd that it'd make you feel weak. I know they can cause constipation. I'm sure that fasting for the blood sugar testing would have made me feel weak, though.

Your Xmas decorations look very PRETTY!

jeanne said...

house looks gorgeous! love the color on your walls, very bold!

now: iron should NEVER make you feel weak--constipated, maybe, but not weak.

i'm so glad you are having all these blood sugar tests done. One thing that pregnancy teaches you quickly: You are SOOOO not in control. So, relax, don't worry about treadmills and mileage, go for walks when you are feeling good, and do what the doc says (unless it's stupid, then find a new doc).

jeanne (not an m.d., but i play on in the comments)

nylisa said...

Nice decorations!

Hope all is well with everything on your end.

Irish Blue said...

You look great. Sorry about your iron and sugar though. Little tip on the iron, it made me feel sick too so I took it right before bed.

Love the tree and decorations! Mine is still in the attic.

lizzie lee said...

I love your baby's Xmas sock... Beautiful!!!!