Friday, December 05, 2008

Unofficial Results

What? Did I run a race? Nah... I am referring to my Gestational Diabetes testing. After more than the expected wait time, I put in a call to the doctor's office. A nurse called me back. The doctor is out of town, thus the delay and the "unofficial" title (because she has to give the final word). Here is the skinny:

1. My fasting blood sugar was 75, which she said was normal. (Web MD says 70-99 is normal.)
2. After drinking the ultrasweet drink and waiting an hour, my blood sugar was 180. She said 120-200 was normal. YAY! (I think this one is most important, personally.)
3. After another hour it was 152. She said 140 and below is normal. Poo!
4. My final blood sugar was 71, which she said was fine. (Web MD says 70-125 is good.)

Her take on the situation is that, generally, 3 of 4 is considering "passing." But the doctor will have to make the final decision. Here's hoping!

I must say, though, my view on food has changed a bit since this whole ordeal started. So maybe all the fasting and needles haven't been for naught. And I no longer look like a junkie; my arms are hardly bruised anymore!


gabsatrucker said...

Glad everything is "unofficially" ok! I'm slightly hypoglycemic so really have to watch the food intake timing (and what it is of course).


ShirleyPerly said...

Well, how dare the doc go out of town!

Glad you were able to get at least an unofficial result. I'd do most anything to avoid needles.

Petraruns said...

Wow girlie - well done on all these. ANd for putting up with the disgusting gloop AND the needles. It sounds like you're okay?

peter said...

Take care of yourself! Am I to perceive from your comment what your due date is? If so, that's the coolest day of the year, easy to remember! I lke his initials!

MarathonChris said...

Glad it worked out. I had to do the 3 hour testing for both of my pregnancies - both came out just fine. But the 3 hour ordeal is no fun anyway.

It is good things are going as normal!!!

peter said...

That's a good due date too. Two of my 3 children have their birthdays in the twenties in February. Two of my four sisters were born in February, though earlier in the month. What is it about May?