Saturday, January 24, 2009

30 Day 5K

Today is merely 30 days until Baby Isaac's due date. Wow - time flies. I can say that we are now pretty ready, both in "equipment" and "schooling." Last week we finished the Prepared Childbirth series, which lets you know exactly what to expect form the first contraction until the time you're get to hold the baby. That was very, very informative. You think you know it all from other people's stories... but you don't! (if you're a first timer like me, that is)

Last night, after several nights of heavenly slumber, my insomnia returned. After a mere 4 hours of sleep, we got up and went to an additional class called Expectant Parents. It's basically Baby 101. We learned the proper way to diaper, feed, swaddle, bathe and CPR. It was well worth it (for the CPR alone!) Then I dropped in to a friend's baby shower. After that is was "light's out" for me for three hours! I needed that nap.

My main goal for today was to do a "30 Day 5K" in honor of the impending due date. I did it in the comfort of the warm garage on Teddy Tready. I am just so thankful that I continue to have the energy (and desire!) to do so. I may be as slow as molasses, but I know this is doing me some good.

Tomorrow is my Olive Branch shower!


Road Warrior said...

I can't believe you're still running. You're amazing!

Enjoy your shower!

ShirleyPerly said...

Susan, I love how you keep finding reasons to keep at it. Very motivating!