Thursday, January 22, 2009

Triple Threat

You definitely DON'T want to run into this trio in a dark alley:

Hold on to your hats; I have accomplished two mid-week treadmill sessions this week! 2 miles on Tuesday and 2.5 miles today. Gosh it makes me feel better!

I am now sporting support hose under regular clothing (not my fine running apparel). So much swelling! I have to say, though, they don't do much good. But Chasen says they make me look like a professional wrestler. HA! It's just my burden to bear for approximately 32 more days. Oh well. The treadmill does help (at least for a while).

Have a great day!


Karen said...

You look great ! and good job on the treadmill runs.

Petraruns said...

You're looking wonderful - there's a reason for all of this! xx

CewTwo said...

Hi friend! I forgot about you as I prepared the last blog. I could tell that there was no discouragement yet!

Keeping up the running! Good for you and Isaac!

As Fernando Lamas (or Billy Crystal on SNL) would say, "you look Mahvelous dahling!"

Marathon Maritza said...

You're looking great and way to go on your treadmill sessions so far this week!

I can't believe it's only 32 more days or so! That was soooo fast!

lizzie lee said...

I am counting as well. You are definitely strong... One more month! Enjoy it to the fullest.

Bev said...

How beautiful you are growing! Little Isaac is going to come out running for sure!