Monday, February 16, 2009

Isaac's Second Day

We had a lovely first night. Know why? Because we decided to be smart (of selfish, depending on how you look at it) and let Isaac sleep in the nursery with the very capable nurses. Considering that we got zero sleep the night before (labor night) we thought it wise to "catch up" a bit before we go home tomorrow. We both slept well, yet are still very tired. Go figure -- a night of hard labor wears one (and a coach!) out. And my arms are very sore, presumably from having to grasp the "birthing bed" as I pushed with all my might.

I was able to shower today. And Isaac was circumcised. I think I got the better deal! :)

Beautiful flowers from Lisa.

New pajamas on my clean body. Isaac ate well a few hours post-procedure.

I want to hold my own bottle, mommy! OK, not really.

Safety bracelet rubs a bit -- oh well, better safe than sorry! P.S. Daddy, clean your nails.

Put em up, put em up!

Have I mentioned lately just how IN LOVE I am?

I went to "new mom's class" today. It was right after my shower, and I was feeling great. I must say... I appeared to be doing far better than the other moms. I almost felt kind of guilty, somehow. I hope I continue to feel so great!


Road Warrior said...

You and Isaac both look great! Clearly the continued exercise has kept you fit.

Kim said...

Good to hear you're all doing so well!!!

jen said...

Hi Susan, congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby boy! I loved the photos in your previous post, the one of Isaac right after he was born made my teary. You did great. Congratulations again!! :)

PLANET3RRY said...

There should be NO guilt with leaving the baby with nurses:
1) They are trained and that's their job

2) You've already paid for the Childcare

3) You don't have them at home, get all the sleep that you can!

He gorgeous... can't wait to meet him

Kevin said...

*goose bumps*

CewTwo said...

Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

What a cute kid! And Isaac is cute, too!

Congratulations, Susan!

Susan K. said...

awww Susan.

It's easy to see how in love you are! Yes--remember--when baby naps--you nap! And in the hospital, don't even sweat it.

I recommend nice, warm, brief baths to help you heal up. Be gentle with yourself!

Will you be nursing or bottle-feeding? just wondering.

jeanne said...

so wonderful! smart to get your rest now while you can. you'll get adjusted.
congratulations again!

Nat said...

Great idea allowing yourselves a night of rest. Looks like you're all doing wonderfully.

Marathon Maritza said...

Oh Susan, thanks so much for sharing all these pictures! He is just absolutely precious...congratulations to you and Chasen!