Thursday, February 26, 2009

Isaac's Second Stroll

Isaac is 11 days old already. Where has time gone?

It was an amazing 70 degrees today, yet a little windy. Since Isaac's first stroller outing it has been very cold (for here) so we have been exclusively indoors. So today was high time for stroll #2.

After Isaac's 3 PM feeding (and explosive changing -- ick) we headed out. I aimed to do a whole mile. To ensure that my husband didn't think I was overdoing it (and you folks, too, for that matter) I wore flip flops. So you KNOW we were walking slowly.

I wish the car seat reclined a bit more, but this is the only option on the stroller.

Our longest stretch. It was so nice to be out there! The flip-up storage compartment seen here is great for the camera.

All is well here. We have the first pediatrician's visit tomorrow morning. Not only is it our first true outing, but we have to be there at 8 AM. Eek! I'll just stay up after the 6 AM feeding.


Road Warrior said...

How great! I'm sure you're itching to get back out there.

By the way, I think that compartment can also be used for a beer. :-)

Lisa said...

Oh my!!! He's grown so much!! I've got to get by there this weekend!!!!! Give him a big hug & kiss for me. Way to go on your walk -- I'm not surprised you headed out before Sunday as you planned. You rock!!!!

I'm still looking for company on my 20 miler Sat... ;)

Petraruns said...

@roadwarrior - teehee! The drink of champions!

Good for you to get out there I can see that you must be desperate! It's good for all of you I'm sure. Good luck at the docs this am. Do you get a checkup at some point before you're given the OK to exercise?