Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Isaac's First Race Shirt

Upon learning through Chasen's Facebook updates that I was in labor on Valentine's Day and likely to deliver on the 15th, Petra said that she would be running a 30K in Isaac's honor that day. Wowee! AND she said she would send him the race shirt. Double cool! I couldn't wait.

As you can see, Isaac is dreaming of his first race shirt, all the way from England.

Here we are today. This was supposed to be my "Look how much smaller I look now!" photo. Not so much...

After my self-photo session, it was time for the mail to arrive. I (alone) went out to get it. Mr. Isaac had a package! All the way from Lincolnshire!

The contents, wrapped in Mommy's favorite colors.

WOW! Coolest race shirt ever! I love the double shirt look, yet I do not own a single one. AND a sweet note. AND a "cuddly" picked out by Petra's own son. Aww!

Close-up of front logo.

Back side.

Close-up of back. I love the whole "shire" concept. Way cool!

Thanks, Petra, for honoring Isaac's birth in this awesome way!


Petraruns said...

You are so welcome lovely Susan (and lovely Isaac) I really did think of you. Running a 30K is nothing compared to giving birth..

And you DO look smaller - come on honey, you are doing fabulously for someone who had a baby 10 days ago! Take it easy on yourself..

Marathon Maritza said...

I agree, you look great! And what an awesome package! You are right, packages from Petra rock!

Keep the pictures coming...I'm loving to 'oooh' and 'ahhh' over little Isaac!

PLANET3RRY said...

That is an awesome shirt and what a COOL gift.

I love the two shirt design and I am a sucker for the ringer shirts too...