Friday, February 13, 2009

Perfect 10

Ten more days to go! All is well. I even slept like a rock. To make matters even better, in walked Chasen a while ago with my (early) Valentine's Day present, aka the guilt-free way to eat chocolate:

It's an Edible Arrangement! I have always wanted one of these.

This might be the best gift ever. It's like flowers, but won't die. It's like chocolates, but much better for me and the bambino. And he was wise to point out that next year (I have already put in another request!) I could enjoy it with champagne. So could Isaac (minus the champagne), who'll be on solid foods by then (I'd guess - at least mashed up).

At this point Chasen's Valentine's Day present still could be Isaac himself, although he says that birthday is the "kiss of death" for a man. Ha! I think what I am preparing will be right up his alley. Isaac can wait until Sunday, let's hope.


Petraruns said...

MMMM that looks gorgeous and lovely and what a sweetheart Chasen is. You two must be getting so excited. Don't worry - I have NOT forgotten about your email I just need to give my response some thought.

Andrea Smith said...

I would love one of those for Valentine's Day. I have been loving fruit lately. Can I give Chasen Will's number, so that he could give some man-to-man advice?

PLANET3RRY said...

Oh yes! The Edible arrangements are WAYYYYYYY yummy. When The Younger was born, it was right near Father's Day and so I got a "bouquet" of Strawberries as a gift. It was yum.

And much healthier than the Cookie Bouquet... also very yummy.

It's getting SOOOO close!!

Annette said...

What a thoughtful gift!!! :) You are a lucky girl!

peter said...

What a nice (& thoughtful) present from Chasen. So let us meet Isaac already! (I'm thrilled for the 2 of you.)

gabsatrucker said...

Beautiful and yummy!!!!!

James bought me some gorgeous dark pink tulips today, reminds me of spring.

Dawn said...

We got an edible arrangement from Lori for our anniversary! It was awesome! Okay.. Please tell Isaac that I would prefer that he wait to come until we get back from Philly.. I mean, if he HAS to come out before then, I guess I could learn to deal with it..ha ha.. Just rest and take care of yourself, okay??

Brenda's NEEDS to RUN said...

Susan - CONGRATS!!!!!!!

aka Boston Betty