Monday, February 02, 2009

Prepwork and A Big Milestone

Today is a BIG DAY. You see, accoding to my baby book, if a baby makes it to 37 weeks, it is no longer considered premature. I am 37 weeks along today! The reason this is such a big deal to ME is because I was about 2 months early and weighed in at a mere 4 pounds 2 ounces:

Little me, 1974. Only 16 inches long! I looked like a little alien.

From day one my biggest worry was that Isaac would come too early. Thank heavens he is now a little more "in the clear."

Now enter a new worry: Chasen is 1058 miles away this week for work! It couldn't be avoided, and is better this week than the next week or two, I'd say. Or even worse would be during Isaac's first few weeks with us. But still - I worry Isaac will come while he is away!

I didn't log one single mile last week. And here's why. I let a girl at my Olive Branch shower "spook" me, so to speak. I'm not sure how much of a runner she is, if at all (she was actually a friend of the hostess whom I had met only once before). But she went for a walk, went into labor, and had her baby recently at 37 weeks! That scared me. Since then, though, about a zillion people have assured me that Isaac will only come when HE is ready, and nothing I can do will speed him up or slow him down. Still, though, I don't want him to come before Chasen comes home!

Here are the results of my post-baby marathon of cooking in the freezer:

So far there are 6 dishes in there. I have one more to prepare. And there is still lots of room.

Last week, when my work projects were both put on hold, I made good use of my time. I prepared Ham Tettrazini, Chicken Spaghetti, Chilaquiles Casserole, White Chili, Dude Ranch Chicken and Chicken a la King. I have some "regular" chili to go! This should make for over 25 meals for each of us.

I also got lots of pre-hospital stuff finalized, like packing Isaac's diaper bag. My own bag is 99% ready to go. All baby stuff is washed and put away. We still need only a handful of items to properly care for Isaac. Whoo hoo!

And wouldn't you know it? One work project has come back to life, officially, and the other is coming this week. Yikes! The first one is due -- get this -- on my due date. Puh-leez! The second one is due before then. Both sources know my (and Isaac's) schedule -- so whatever happens, happens. Deal with it! I'll try my best, but I am not in 100% control here.

That's all, folks. 21 days to go!


ShirleyPerly said...

YAY for 37 weeks! My niece was a few weeks premature, not sure by how much but she was smaller than other babies her age for a while.

Best of luck this week. I hope staying busy will help keep your mind off Chasen being gone.

Tammy said...

Yippee!!! I had my first son at 37 weeks, and I only stopped working 3 day's prior to my delivery. It's great your so prepared. (I still had all my baby shower stuff in my gift bags LOL I had no time to prepare at all) Good to know you little one is happy and comfortable.

Maddy said...

You are on top of it! Baby bag packed, freezer getting full...

You are really prepared! And Isaac will be here when he' done cookin'! I'm so excited for you!

Bev said...

You are doing great! I love how you are so prepared. Looks like something I would do. Just keep trucking along. Isaac won't show until he is good and ready.

Petraruns said...

You're all set Miss Type A! Now Isaac will be 2 weeks late! no just kidding who knows. My son was due on boxing day and I know I spent Christmas day not dancing one single jig just to make sure he wasn't born on Christmas day. On boxing day, at 5am, my waters broke... However, he was a long time coming and in the end wasn't born until 10am on the 27th - free and clear of the Christmas days... They come when they're cooked sweetie - you're just the vessel!