Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sweet Sixteen

Chasen got home to me (us!) in one piece, safely, on Friday afternoon. I didn't end up walking like I thought I would. Actually I napped. And then I napped today, also.

But this afternoon I did take a 1-mile walk in the great outdoors with Maggie-dog (she's baaaack!)

This evening we finalized the nursery.

This side has not changed much. But we at least have a Diaper Champ now! And the antique rocker is from the 1950's; first it was my uncle's, then mine.

Our perfect chair finally arrived. The contents of its seat are all ready to go to the hospital! (diaper bag, handmade blanket, baby book) We repurposed the side table, and the lamp atop it is from my childhood room. The framed piece above the dresser is VERY special: Chasen's mom started sewing the Wizard of Oz ornaments around the time he was born (1975). So I decided to have them framed nicely.

The frames on the shelf were gifts from some wonderful friends. In each is a mat with lovely script that says "Newborn," "Six Months" and "One Year." They're meant for hand prints! Of course, I am going to have the nurses at the hospital do the newborn one, since they have MUCH more experience with that than I do. The Mickey Mouse statue is from my childhood.

The decor of the room goes well with the theme of the bedding ("Antique Toys"), I think.

16 days to go!


Maddy said...

It all looks so nice! And you are all set! Just think, in a matter of days, you'll have an occupant for that room! It's so exciting!

I ;ove how you've taken items from your and Chasen's childhood and incorporated them into Isaac's room.

Kim said...

The nursery looks wonderful!! I like how you two decorated it! I'm also excited for the big day...keep us posted!!

gabsatrucker said...

Beautiful room. I love how you incorporated from y'all's (can you tell I'm southern?!) childhoods. That is so, so cool.

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, the room looks FABULOUS!! And how creative to have the other meaningful things from both your childhoods in there too. I'm sure Baby Isaac will love it even though he may not say too much about it :-)

Amanda said...

Adorable room. It will be occupied soon:)

Petraruns said...

how exciting! every time I don't see an update from you on FB for a few hours I think - has she gone to hospital yet? Can't wait!

Mom on the Run said...

What a beautiful nursery! It looks like you are ready for your beautiful boy to arrive. Take it easy and enjoy these special days.

nylisa said...


Nico said...

Good luck from Spain!!!!