Saturday, April 25, 2009

Junk Miles

I am happy to report that this week was MUCH better than last week. My cold has all but gone away. Hooray! And I got a good review on the project I helped the fellow architect out with. There may be another coming up soon, and it is a bit high profile. I will disclose if/when it actually comes through (if I can).

On the exercise front, I got back on track! I did my C25K workout on Sunday. I decided to re-do week 3 in its entirety since I had to take time off last week. No sense trying to jump ahead too quickly.

Isaac agrees; no sense having an injured mommy.

Isaac's only grandparent, Chasen's mom Beth, came to visit for 4 days. I took advantage of the "free child care" and spent Sunday, Monday (missed the Boston Marathon!), Tuesday and Wednesday studying for my upcoming LEED AP exam at the library for many hours each day. I missed my little angel... and Boston... but it had to be done. The library is not the silent place it was when I was a kid, I must point out.

Isaac hangs out with Gran (and misses his mommy, I hope).

On Monday I did the elliptical machine (20 minutes) and then my post-pregnancy fitness DVD (47 minutes). On Tuesday I did the C25K again, as I also did on Thursday.

"Phew - that run to the dump wore me out!" Thanks, Matt.

Today I suggested that Lisa and I meet at the city park. It has been a while since we got together. I would do whatever routine she did, as she is "starting over" after recovering from the Little Rock Marathon. So Isaac and I loaded up and headed over. I gotta tell ya -- pushing a stroller while running is NOT as easy as it looks. The uphills are obviously harder, and the downhills pose the challenge of hanging on to the stroller so it doesn't leave without you. That's an ab workout! But we ran 2 minutes and walked 3. I earned 2.25 miles that way, plus a lot more during our cooldown/gab session. What fun!

These older gentlemen cruising the track motivated me to quit my inner complaining about pushing the heavy stroller. Grandpas, unite!

Afterward I asked Lisa to take several photos of me 'fake running' so I can submit a more 'athletic' photo to the Team Point Two website. This is the best one:

I think I am too far away... we'll have to try again!

I have some good news to report. Since being cleared by my doctor 4 weeks ago for "strenuous exercise" and whatever else I want, I have lost 6 pounds! That makes a total of 30 since pre-birth. More to go... but I am very excited about this good start! Yay!


Petraruns said...

Isaac is just the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen! Honestly he is beautiful! Good for you for getting your work, workouts and weight loss in this week - well done! Keep up the great work..

Lisa said...

You are doing such a great job with your workouts! Thanks so much for meeting me at the park! It was not only great to see you & catch up but you really motivated me to "work thru the discomfort." The pic of you fake running as you called it (I don't know how it's possible to "fake" that) is really good. Even tho it was perhaps too far away, the fact that I was able to capture you in the pic was a miracle given my lack of any form of photography skills. Remember the pic from your baby shower where I got just the group on the sofa's foreheads? Anyway, I hope today was only the beginning of many more runs together!

I'm also glad you brought Isaac. I don't know how he is able to accomplish it but he just keeps getting cuter by the second. Just when I think he couldn't possibly get more adorable, BAM!

Sunshine said...

Oh Sweet Child!! So Dear!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Susan, in that first photo Isaac looks so much like YOU -- just beautiful!!

Wonderful to hear your workouts are going well and the weight loss is coming along too. I'm sure that pushing a stroller is much more challenging than running w/o one.

MarathonChris said...

Wow, I can't believe Isaac is getting so BIG already! And look at you out there running with him!!! You go girl. Good luck on that exam!

jeanne said...

great photos! and congrats on the workouts and the weight loss! i always am in awe of people who manage to run with strollers. and they generally are running right past me!