Saturday, April 18, 2009

Running on 'E'

Phew - what a week. After taking last Sunday off to rest my knee(s), I tried desperately to do my post-pregnancy fitness DVD late Monday afternoon. Isaac was not having it! It's frustrating trying to comfort a little guy who has everything - except Mommy. With many pushes of the pause button I got it done. It was easier than the first time. Go figure.

In the wee hours of Tuesday, I developed a sore throat. Ugh. That day I was sitting on "go" waiting to hear from our CPA in Little Rock. Due to our relocation, to put it politely, our taxes were quite an ordeal this year. I'm not usually one to be scrambling on April 14th, but that's how the cookie crumbles. So, sick and exhausted, I drove to Little Rock and back to pick up our tax return. Fussy Isaac was at least asleep in the car for the whole ride. Peace and quiet! When I got home that night (after driving 326 miles) I did my C25K workout. That would be the last I'd see of physical activity for a while.

Look at me - I am Mr. Cute (and fussy).

Put 'em up, put 'em up.

On the way to Little Rock (a whirlwind trip) I received a call from a local architect wanting some help finishing up a project. With much trepidation I agreed to help. The trepidation came from the fact that I was now full-blown sick with a bad cold, had a very fussy baby who hasn't been giving me a minute's peace, have an exam coming up in now 18 days, and am just plain worn out. He needed it done in two days, and I let him know that I'd have minimal time to put toward it. So be it! We agreed to meet the next morning at his home office (he works from home, just like me).

Isaac and I went to the meeting together on Wednesday. He doesn't look thrilled.

In the span of five hours, Isaac let me work for about 30 minutes. Frustrating! But then Chasen came home and lucky me got to work a lot that night. Aaah, such is the life of a stay-at-home-architect.

The activity swing only kept him content for a few minutes at a time. :(

Early Thursday morning, looking like zombies, Chasen and I set out for the pediatrician's office. It was time for Isaac's 2-month check-up and the dreaded immunizations. The good news is that Isaac now weighs 12 pounds 1 ounce (75th percentile) and is 23 2/4" long (90th percentile). The bad news is that he got three shots. Oh well - better than disease!

Isaac admires the "stripped down" baby in the mirror as we wait for the doc to come in.

Thursday afternoon, presumably thanks to the Tylenol they told us to give him after the shots, he slept A LOT. I was able to get a lot of work done. And I still worked Thursday night - sick and exhausted. Not fun! But the project and source are stepping stones to bigger and better things. Fingers crossed.

On Friday we rested as best we could. I didn't do much of anything. It was NICE. At this point Chasen insisted that I take something other than Tylenol (I am Miss Anti-Medicine, unfortunately). So since then I have been "drugged up," yet getting/feeling much better. I have even gotten some sleep!

I hope that tomorrow I can re-enter the world of running, after four days off (which doesn't sound like much, but it feels like an eternity). Peace out!


Petraruns said...

Oh I have missed my Isaac fix but you have made up for it with these gorgeous pics. The man is handsome even when crying!

Girl you sound like you're pushing yourself very hard - I'm glad Chasen pushed you into some more hardcore medication. Are you getting some rest now? Use the weekend and your husband when you can... I am full of admiration for you working while Isaac is sleeping - you're doing really really well. It's hard. ANd then to do your DVDs and Cto5K - you have all kudos. Keep it up girlfriend and be nice to yourself!

Suzana said...

I know how 4 days is. I haven't run for 5 (too busy with finals and packing) and I think I've forgotten how. Hahah jk.

Isaac's looking so big! I hope he decides to be quieter soon, you deserve it :)

Girl on Top said...

He is a cutie!

Susan K. said...

Look at that lil' cutie! I really like the pic with you in it too---you're looking good, SS!

Good luck with that project leading to something bigger & better.

Hope you're feeling better soon! I am positive you'll be back in your groove with the running in no time, and probably pushing Isaac in the stroller!

ShirleyPerly said...

Well, I think everything is tougher to handle when you are sick. Way to juggle all those balls in the air at the same time. Isaac doesn't know what a lucky boy he is to have such a wonderful mommy!

Maddy said...

You are amazing! You have a lot going on, and despite the bumps along the way, you are psuhing through.

Isaac is such a doll. I see a lot of his mother in his face!

Lisa said...

I'm so glad to hear you're on the mend. I miss my running partner! Now you've just got to get thru the rest of this day and some of tomorrow and you can "breathe" a big sigh of relief.

Jennifa......G said...

I hope you are feeling better! Sending you lots of good thoughts so that you are! :)

peter said...

I hope you feel better. Such cute pictures of Isaac, and he's growing so big!