Sunday, May 24, 2009

Almost Done!

Part of my perfect morning on Tuesday included going to Breakaway Running in Memphis for a free skin cancer screening. What a marvelous thing to do for the running community! Docs from the medical school came to assess anyone who showed up. Isaac and I luckily showed up when there was not a crowd. I am happy to report that I got the "all clear." As fair skinned as I am, it is in my best interest to avoid the sun as much as possible. Running is just about the only time that I "invite" the sun into my life. And I try to cover up as much as possible and avoid the 'peak' hours.

Isaac, my fellow fair complected Bumbo buddy.

It is often quite a challenge to find time to work AND keep Isaac content. But this week has been quite wonderful! I have made a lot of progress on my current project. I am thankful for the opportunity.

Isaac Roy, in his current "cutest outfit" at our mommy and me group. A working mommy's got to have some fun!

Do you have the tickets? To the baby gun show! LOL

So Isaac is now 14 weeks old (14 lbs 13 oz). Wow. That means that I have been in training for 8 weeks already. I am nearly done with the C25K program. The last two runs have been tough. It has been very humid (and will only get worse) and I have had to take walk breaks. Ick. Oh well - better to take breaks than to just give up or even walk the whole thing.

I am really looking forward to getting my marathon training plan from John Ellis. I just hope that I can keep up!


Girl on Top said...

He's a cutie!

Petraruns said...

Well done on keeping it all together honey - it's not easy to work AND look after a little one. YOu're doing a really good job with it all AND on the C25K. Pat yourself on the back - and good reminder re. the skincancer thing.

lizzie lee said...

How cute!! I was wondering what was that new seat and its Bumbo.... Man... kids nowadays have a lot of good stuff.

ShirleyPerly said...

What a wonderful service to offer to runners! I was surprised to hear that skin cancer could occur in the hairline and other places that are usually covered up, though. I should get checked for sure this year with the amt of time I'm spending in the sun.

Congrats on completing your C25K program and juggling being a mom & working.

Susan K. said...

I want tickets to the gun show! LOL! Isaac is SO cute!

You are really doing it, SS! I'm so proud of you, and inspired too. You go on with your bad self! ;-)