Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

It has been over a week since I last posted. Life has been busy! For starters, last Saturday I took a quick trip to nearby historic Holly Springs, Mississippi with my former book club from Arkansas. We had a great time, and they enjoyed getting to meet Isaac before we left. Before they arrived, I carved out enough time to do my Tracy Anderson post-baby workout DVD. Tracy is killing me!

Remember when we got this onesie for Isaac in Pennsylvania? It is almost too small now, and he has only wore it once.

When I got home on Sunday I did another C25K run. My treadmill has been doing overtime!

"This is not fair. Mommy gets all sweaty running and I get a bath."

On Monday night Tracy and I had another session together. Tuesday marked another treadmill run. During the running portions of the workout, I have been doing 12:00 miles.

"Running makes Mommy smile almost as much as me!"

Wednesday was spent doing final studying for my LEED AP exam. Wouldn't you know, given my history with testing, that I failed the darn thing my two lousy points? Sheesh - I can't catch a break. I can not retake the current exam and must wait for a long time. Oh well, such is life.

After that I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and went to my 'mommy and me' group. Hanging with those gals always puts a smile on my face! One even brought me a 'cheer me up' cupcake! (she saw my sad post on Facebook) That night Tracy helped me to burn it off (I hope).

Friday also did not go as planned, but I managed to get in a run late in the afternoon. Isaac sat right beside me in his bouncy seat as I ran; Chasen mowed the back yard. We very being quite productive!

Saturday was filled from dawn to dusk... so it was a rest day for me (which is so ironic, considering I was busy all day long).

And today is my first Mother's Day! Isaac gave me an early present; this week he has made attempts to sleep through the night!!! (12 weeks old today) He has gone 6-8 hours between feedings most nights this week. Hooray!

Here I am with my 12 lbs 8 oz little man and not-long-for-too-much-longer hair.

As my schedule would have it, today I got to do my longest stint of running since Isaac was born: 20 minutes straight! I opted to do it out on the roads. I knew it'd be easier on me on the roads. I was right. I DID IT!!! I felt like a million bucks afterward.

This upcoming week marks two big things for me. On Tuesday I am going to a meeting about my first real work project since Isaac was born (and I am quite inquisitive as to how I will manage to find time to do the work!) On Friday I am going to get my hair CHOPPED for Locks of Love. I will be sending in the required 10" ponytail! This goal took at least a year and a half to accomplish. I am nothing if not patient...

Have a good one, friends. I'll try to post more often!


gabsatrucker said...

Happy Mother's Day!!! and congrats on the 20 minute run out on the road!

Heather said...

Happy First Mother's Day!!! Congrats on all the great things happening! Can't wait to see the short hair! So cool you are donating it!!!

Mom on the Run said...

Happy belated first Mother's Day! Isaac looks so good - it is so much fun to watch how he's changed.

ShirleyPerly said...

Happy belated M-day!!

And I know a lot of new moms must be quite jealous of you being able to sleep through the night sometimes. Congrats on your running and look forward to seeing a new do on you soon!

Petraruns said...

Happy belated mothers day Susan! I am so sorry to hear you failed your exam - so close! I know how you feel ;)! But you know Isaac is wonderful for putting it all into perspective. And you know that third photograph where he smiles? HE looks like his gorgeous Mommy. Well done on the Tracy Andersen and the running - you really are working it girlfriend! Well done.

jeanne said...

happy mothers' day! what a lot of good news here! you are looking great and running great too!

Marathon Maritza said...

Sounds like you had a great 1st Mother's Day!

Sorry about your test, better luck next time. :)

And hurray for Isaac sleeping for long bouts! I can't believe how big he's getting every time you post.

Keep up the great job on your workouts!

Jade Lady said...

Happy belated mom's day! Lovely photos! Wow...12 weeks already?