Saturday, July 18, 2009

What A Week

What a week. It has been a doozy. Due to a work project deadline AND Isaac wanting more and more attention these days, I had a babysitter Monday - Thursday. "K" was here on Monday and Tuesday for 7 hours each day. Isaac whined all day Monday. That is tough to endure from the next room when I know he just wants his mommy (at least I think so). Tuesday went lots better, thankfully. My early morning run was excellent, so the day was started with a bang! I have been running through a nearby neighborhood for a little diversity.

Isaac now rolls over all the time. He's my big boy!

Wednesday was a rest day, but I did have to be up and at 'em for when sitter "A" arrived at 7:45 AM. She really had a way with Isaac, and she is an athlete, so we hit it off. As I drove her to her volleyball pool party, I discovered that her dad ran the Marine Corps Marathon a few years ago and is an avid cyclist. Awesome! That afternoon sitter "E" came over and literally did not make a peep. Both "A" and "E" were wonderful and very engaging with Isaac. Couldn't ask for more!

It's a miracle - I captured a little smile.

On Thursday it was raining with thunder and lightning, so I couldn't get out for my 5-ish AM run. I had to pick up sitter "A" at 8 AM, so I did manage to get a bit of much needed extra sleep. She again did wonderfully with Isaac. On this day I had to drop her off at pre-volleyball weight lifting at her school. That was no problem as it was right on the way to my "mommy and me" group, where I was determined to go after spending what felt like every minute of the day for 6 straight days working and NOT spending time with Isaac. That is a bad feeling!

Late afternoon I headed out to the sauna of a garage to try to make up my run on Teddy Tready. Even with the door up, it was so incredibly hot. Isaac let me get .9 of a mile before he started getting very upset, so I bagged it. Chasen was working late so waiting until later really wasn't an option. Sorry, schedule!

Isaac woke up at 3:30 AM on Friday, which is extremely rare, and both Chasen and I woke up to go comfort him. I got him back to sleep at about 4 AM and then just couldn't bring myself to get up early to run. Aack! I knew Chasen would have to work late again, so knowing how Isaac responded to the hot garage I figured we'd go out in the jogging stroller and get the job done. Well, a tire was flat! The air compressor was not working properly... and I couldn't get Chasen on the phone for an ETA. Yuck - another run down the drain.

Today I got to the city park before 6 AM for 3 easy miles. Afterwards I was to do eight 10-second hill repeats (which is why I chose to run at the park, where there is a good hill). My splits for the hill were all over the map, but they sure felt fast! And I set my Garmin for a 30-second break between each hill run, which was barely enough time to get down the hill before it was time to hustle back up it. It was challenging; I felt like my legs were about to give out right before I reached the top each time.

When I got home we realized (with a little fear) that Isaac had slept like this:

On his tummy! That is his diaper pattern showing through his white onesie, FYI.

Next, the neatest thing ever happened. A friend of a friend was wanting to get more into photography so she was offering FREE photo sessions of children. So Isaac and I met her at a nearby picturesque spot for some more photos. You can NOT have too many photos of your baby, I assure you. The coolest part was that she agreed to do some stroller shots of the two of us, i.e. runner mommy and runner baby in action. I can't wait to see how they turn out! I am sure I'll soon have a new profile pic. Stay tuned!


Petraruns said...

You HAVE been busy girl - keep being nice to yourself. Sounds like you're finding some good sitters which makes a BIG difference. It WILL be good for Isaac, believe me. And as for sleeping on their tummies - if they can roll over, you shouldn't need to worry. He's a strong and beautiful boy.

Nat said...

Petra stole my comment. You know with a little one, things rarely go as planned.

If we can roll over then I wouldn't worry if he doesn it in his sleep. (it gets easier.)

peter said...

What a winning smile on that young man.

Jade Lady said...

Ah, the life of motherhood and's always a challenge.

Love his smile in the pic!

And, please post your pics from photographer - I would love to see those!

Sunshine said...

A rain dance!! Thank you!!
That's just what we need.

Can't remember if I mentioned to you before that we did the Little Rock Marathon in 2006.. and it was delightful.