Sunday, August 16, 2009

Elvis 5K at Six Months Old!

Yesterday my wonderful little Isaac turned six months old. Wow - time flies! So much has changed since he was born. All for the better!

Also, yesterday was the Elvis Presley 5K in Memphis. We ran it last year when I was in my first trimester. I must say it is MUCH easier to run while not pregnant. Ha!

Chasen decided that we needed to get Isaac an Elvis costume. Since it wasn't exactly free, he'll be Elvis for his first Halloween. He wasn't the only little (or big) Elvis there!

"The King" gets ready to roll in the back of the car. His cape is swung out for your viewing pleasure.

Where are his blue suede running shoes?

Let's rock, Daddy. I've got my game face on.

There I am trying to stay ahead of the lady in pink. I ran 5 minutes faster than in 2008.

Lil Elvis would rather eat his sunglasses than wear them.

Rear of the cool race t-shirt. And front of Isaac. Ha!

Since Isaac turned 6 months yesterday, we decided to have a little party for the three of us last night. We hung out at our neighborhood pool. I am so proud of my little fishy!

We like to go as the sun sets; the pool is empty and we don't worry about the sun's rays.

Me and my big boy!

Yes, we got a cake (for Chasen and I). It reads "Happy 1/2 Birthday Isaac."

Today I ran 6 miles! And I ran down the "main drag," which is a first for Mother Susan. I ran 27.74 miles this past week (Mon-Sun). My marathon is 17 weeks away. I am getting there! I have several parts that I have to ice left and right... but I am getting there. Slowly but surely!


gabsatrucker said...

Oh my gosh Isaac is so incredibly cute!!!!!!! Love the Elvis outfit.

Yay on 5 minutes faster than last year! And it looks like your marathon training is going great. I finally wrote down my marathon training plan in my calendar and I'm more than a little intimidated now (was nervous before but now much, much, much more so!).

Jamie said...

Great pictures! He gets cuter everyday! Great job on the race. I still can't believe how hard we are all training in this summer heat. Especially you! Keep up the hard work!

ShirleyPerly said...

He's got to be the cutest Elvis evah!!

Congrats on your race, Susan. Seems you are running about the same weekly mileage as me these days.

Mom on the Run said...

Oh how cute!!! I love the Elvis outfit - he even has the Elvis "hunk a hunk a burnin' love" look in the stroller picture. I'm just glad he's much younger than my girls :-)

Great job on the 6 mile run!!!

lizzie lee said...

Lovely!!!!!! Congrats for everything....Your attitude especially!!! Inspiring, motivating, full of positivism... The real thing. Thanks