Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A New Schedule?

I have been sick since Sunday! Just a cold, but still. Summer time colds are the pits. I only missed Sunday's run, though, which is a first for me. I have been sleeping more than usual, which will hopefully aid in my return to health. I am a firm believer that I only get sick when I am burning the candle at both ends.

This brings me to my post title: a new schedule. Due to really NEVER being able to get 8 good hours of sleep anymore (since I have to get up so early to go running in the cooler temps), I am usually able to supplement with a nap or two during the day. Hooray for a sleeping baby! But since this cold has come on, and I am taking nighttime meds that knock me out, I have been putting off the running until about 8 PM. No, it's certainly not as cool as it is at 5:30 AM, but this allows me a better night's sleep (and I still catch a nap or two!) Is it ideal? No... but uninterrupted sleep is definitely a good thing. Well rested, slower paces in the heat - now that is a scheduling compromise.

In other good news, I really feel that my "marathoner's mindset" has returned. Yay! "Just four miles" tonight - piece of cake. (!!!) After I choked upon learning that I am to run 10 miles this Saturday, I just thought "Oh well, I can do it."

Our friends Jessica and Callum joined us today at the Memphis train station to attempt to tour the Disney Train (see below). We didn't actually make it, as the wait for 2 hours and it was blazing hot. But I did get a cool paper conductor's hat.

Actually, the hat was supposed to be for Isaac, but it was a bit too large.

This is the view of the train from where we parked (using the zoom!)

Look who's eating rice cereal like a big boy!


Suzanad said...

The last one is such an adorable pic!!

gabsatrucker said...

Love the last pic!!