Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sweet Potato Repeats

Tonight I had to make up the missed track workout from yesterday. It was just shy of 90 degrees, but such is life.

Sweet Isaac lays his head on Mommy's leg. Awww!

I was first to do a 1-mile warm-up walk. No problem. There were TONS of people at the track, as there were 3 flag football games happening there. I thought "This will be me in a few years." Yikes!

How could you not love this happy little guy?

Next came the fun part (said sarcastically). I was supposed to do three miles in 11:38 and then walk 1 minute afterwards. Eek! But I'll have you know I did the first in 11:18 and the second in 11:30! Then the wheels fell off... and the third came in 13:15. Oh well - I tried. Those are very fast times for me, these days.

Isaac chews on his "sucky cup" (as opposed to a sippy cup - this one has a straw).

Afterwards I did a 1-mile cooldown with 1 minute of running and 1 minute of walking. It was tough after all that running, but I got it done. It was almost dark!

Hey man, the cup is upside down!

Today I steamed a sweet potato to make Isaac's first "real food." He now eats rice cereal, but that is from a box. After I steamed it (which took like 40 minutes!) I pureed it in my food processor. I do believe he likes sweet potatoes! Hooray!

Sweet potatoes are yummy. More, Mommy!

Tomorrow is a 5-mile walk. Let the good times roll!

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Petraruns said...

Hey sweetie I'm sorry I've been MIA for the past weeks - life has been crazy. Sounds like you've had plenty going on as well yourself.. Fantastic efforts on the interval workouts - they're hard but you will be so pleased you've done them come marathon time. Also - Isaac is just plain GORGEOUS! I hope he will be too young for my daughter! Finally - re food - do you have a microwave? Sweet potatoes can be cooked in their skins in the microwave (pierce the skins first) and then just hollow them out. Unless you have a principled point of view about microwaves (and plenty of my friends have but I did not) it will be your friend when feeding babies...